August 27th, 2001

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Worked all morning, came home, went out with Chick to get some resupplying done. Resupply successful, I came home, started dinner, and did laundry. That pretty much took care of the day.
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false dichotomy

My mind says one thing; my heart says another. I've been trying to listen to my mind on this topic. Sis says "Listen to your heart."

I'm afraid my heart may be misguiding me, though.

When is it time to quit smashing yourself against a lost cause?

I guess it's not time to stop until the 16th of October, because I did tell him that I would give him until then, no matter if it was in a dream or not.

That date cuts both ways. I told him then that I wouldn't bring up the topic of us dating again until that point; it also serves as an "I will not give up hope until" point. I promised him, and the date we set cuts both ways. "Give me six months," he told me.

I believe we shook hands on it, in that dream.

In this morning's dreams, Sis reminds me to follow my heart.
running, bomb tech


wandered in to breakfast at 6:25, a little late. Crashed on the table. Darkside kept bonking me awake. We shared his RPG. He has fun keeping me awake mostly because he believes that I wouldn't let him sleep if he were that zonked. (How little you know me, my dear.) Went to the computer lab. Was barely able to check my mail. Kept falling asleep with my head on the table next to Darkside. At one point he grasped me by the hair, lifted my head up, and smacked my forehead lightly.

Exchange of bonk. It's really a lot of lovely fun. Hands around throat. Put my head on his shoulder, half-sleeping, just tired, to prop me up. He did that thing where he shrugs to remove your face from him... amusing. Not time to touch him that closely yet. Still, I was tired. Very tired. Much bonk.

Wandered into English lab, said, "I'm the root of all that's evil and you can call me Cookie," to the professor, and wandered out. Still half-asleep.

Class over. Must go find my Darkside.
running, bomb tech

slapped around

Had fun this morning. Was sitting in computer lab with my face on the table, mostly asleep. Darkside grasped me by the hair at the back of my head, smacked me on the forehead, and then ended up finally smacking me around some... struck ever so gently on both cheeks with both the palm and the back of his hand. More just a touch than a slap, really. Symbolic.

I smiled at him and drooped over again, less than fully conscious, my face on his shoulder. He twitched his shoulder to dislodge me; I slid slowly down his arm and ended up face-down on the table again.

Slept through most of accounting, then wandered into English lab and greeted Goff with the Bloodhound gang quote. I contemplated talking about the square root of green as well, but decided against it.

Came home to find that Dude and Neighbor had decided to do quite a bit of demolition work to the remains of my stew. I received compliments.

And Darkside doesn't think I can cook. He doesn't think I'd let him sleep if he were that tired, either. (How little he knows me.) I guess he's never seen my nurturing side, only the silly and evil parts of me. I'm shy about letting my good side out.