August 28th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Sis was entirely not sober last night. Stress is catching up to her. Her job sucks. Mine has been sucking far less. None of my friends are happy with their jobs. Sis had a meeting at work this morning early. They expect the impossible of her, basically, and she's the best worker they've got.

Other than that, nothing's happening. Minimal bonk for the morning. Maximal wakefulness. I'm wearing another long-sleeved black shirt today; I have a lot of them now; I'm trying to lose my tan. Heat stroke is only an extra feature.

Darkside will be putting up his CIS project web page this morning... I get to watch.

I am vastly amused.
running, bomb tech

a random hello

This morning while I was waiting for English class to start, I heard my name called from the door. I looked up to see Darkside standing there. He was gone before I could even control my blazing grin back down to something human.

Darkside never stops by my classroom to say hello.

Furthermore, this class was upstairs, and Darkside had no upstairs classes today.

He made me smile very successfully, though. He's been making a habit of it.
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