August 30th, 2001

running, bomb tech

a red mark

I am late for breakfast, finally arriving at 8. Not surprising, as ritual last night ran late enough, with enough energy, to leave me completely exhausted. I woke up to Sis's alarm clock, having already turned mine off in my sleep.

When I get to the computer lab, Darkside is already there, and working hard on homework. He is frustrated by Microsoft Word, as the Format Painter button is completely missing. I am more familiar with Word than he is, but he resists my attempts to help on his computer. I withdraw, and open up Word on my own computer after the computer next to him becomes unoccupied. I find it for him, and instruct him in turning it on. He is happy.

I begin work on my research paper.

Darkside finishes his homework and calls me out of writing trance with relative ease. (I don't think he's ever seen me in serious writing-trance, which he might be unable to break.) We exchange friendly pain before he leaves for class. I am left with a small red mark on my neck from his fingers. Sis laughs at me and calls it a hickey. I try not to grin but fail miserably.
running, bomb tech

In Deep Smit

I am smitten. I'm in deep smit. I'm up smit creek without a paddle.

My roommates have been teasing the hell out of me regarding Darkside and my well-known thing for him. I manage to behave myself fairly well around Darkside, showing my friendship by clobbering him over the head and other similarly violent forms of self-expression. "We're seeing how much we can hurt each other without getting in trouble."

At home, or not near Darkside, I giggle, I blush, I panic. I giggle. I giggle a lot.

I think it's time to go on a process-hunt again. It's odd. The deeper for him I fall, the less overwhelmingly attractive I find him. He still has the quality that makes me turn towards him over anyone else, but he doesn't trigger my hormones off as violently as he previously did.

Now is the time for getting to know him better, not the time for fucking.
running, bomb tech


Well, I've got Barbie ready.

Sis turns 26 tomorrow. I have, for the general amusement of all, decided to throw her a small party before school tomorrow, with Darkside and Neighbor attending. This is the only time that Darkside would be able to attend a party for Sis, as he's working tomorrow, starting right after school, and going until waaaay too late.

I am making a cake tonight. On top of the cake, for general amusement, will be a dead Barbie doll. White shroud, closed eyes, hands folded in prayer, great red gashes down her wrists. I intend to make the cake look somewhat like a coffin...
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