August 31st, 2001

running, bomb tech


Went to school more or less on time, with cake, with Barbie. Celebrated. Much giggling. Happiness.

Then Shrimpy showed up. More giggling, but less happy. Still feeling odd from breakfast. Something's wrong somewhere, and I don't know what it is.
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running, bomb tech

rear-ramming a stuffed dragon

Y'know that dragon from Mulan? Well, Sis has a great big stuffed version of the thing, sans backbone. He's got a socket for a spine, so Sis decided to put one in.

The stick she chose was not optimal; she needed help.

It just feels wrong, but oh so funny, to assist in sticking a stick up the hole in the ventral side of a stuffed toy.

To top it all off, the stick that Sis chose was too wide, and too rough at the end, to work properly. We had to abandon the idea, amidst much giggling.
running, bomb tech


I have a recent double-post, entitled "Dead," that I am trying to get rid of. For the third time in a row, every time I try to do this, Netscrape fucking crashes on me. I'm pissed and I'm sick of it and if I don't get off my ass now, I'll be late to work.
running, bomb tech


Darkside and I started a Star Wars RPG character for me this morning. No name yet, but it's a human force adept. Generally average. Much fun. Darkside is getting a touch ... well... bossy. Where this is concerned, at least. Of course. He's the expert, after all, and I'm the one who's a clue-negative newbie... even if we are good friends. We were a little short on time. I anticipate we'll spend some more time on it come Monday.