September 1st, 2001

running, bomb tech


about homework for RI. besides just renting my body mind and voice they also wanted me to take stuff home and use my computer to run their programs and borrow my outlook express to write a new program.

i know there was something in there regarding the sex ed episode of southpark, but can't remember what the hell it was. kids going wild in my room ... it's now proofed against someone Nephew's size but no one smaller. Someone's father making snide comments here and there in the fabric store. company meeting. with candles to make the mood more effective. turned into a Circle. we were trying to burn the last wax of one of the candles. we made it flare up. sis was disappointed in my drama and my being publicly weird.
running, bomb tech


....will be so no longer. He's moving to a different apartment complex, slightly closer to school and wowza cheaper. His parents are helping him move this weekend. He'll still come by every now and then, but I get the idea his Playstation won't be living here anymore, nor will he be spending every waking hour but for school, work, and laundry here.

We'll miss him, especially Nephew. Those two got along perfectly the instant they met each other this lifetime. He'll still hang out, though, which is a Good Thing. It would have been awesome if he would have been able to move in when Dude moved out, but that's the way life goes.
running, bomb tech


Hanging with an old friend from Alaska over the phone. She's cool. I like her. She's going to be one of two maids of honor at my wedding, if I ever get married. She and Sis are going to have to duke it out or share.

It's good to hear her voice again.