September 3rd, 2001

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shopping trip

girls' night in. Dude is off somewhere with Chick; Sis and I realize that there are no munchies in the house. we panic. she has already had a glass of chocolate milk with irish cream; she decides that a walk to the store would be a bad thing.

it's just a stroll to the store, not even a block.
two drunk women walking alone in phoenix at night? she wants to know. on labor day weekend?

one slightly tipsy woman walking alone? i counter. in phoenix at night on labor day weekend, raised in a nunnery in alaska. unarmed.

one mostly sober witch walking alone in her own neighborhood on a full moon, sis counters. carrying a pen. a pen is mightier than the sword, if used first. nobody fucks with a witch on a full moon.

nobody does. i blow off a young punk in the fry's parking lot who wants me to say the word 'cock' ... he is not even worth a verbal diss.

i return with a wazoo of snacks and munchies. sis's eyes bulge; she's never seen my munchie attacks before, especially not shopping while tipsy.

in the end, only the chocolate milk and one bag of chips are raided. the candles go right on the altar, though ... her favorite scent. how did I know?
running, bomb tech

after two hours of unconsciousness

Dreamed about lightning storm in a house that could have been my paternal aunt J's cabin at Tahoe. Computer systems being unplugged. going on a backpacking hike with Darkside, reading fanmail, writing back to it in a bizarre electronic fashion. picking up abandoned books and bringing home. this was before the lightning storm, which was next. Sis's boyfriend was in that one, stressing the importance of unplugging everything, and having flashlights. I searched for flashlights, but only found one of the ones I knew I had.

next it seemed to be parties at various people's houses. my house, which was very small, and then darkside's house, which was small on the outer rooms, but very large on the inner rooms. most people were out on the outer rooms. we had to fix dinner. fortunately i'd done the shopping, so we had enough for everybody. there were a lot of people. my father voiced concern about the candles and dissected the party in his inimitable party post-mortem style. "It was mostly people just standing around in too small a space waiting to be fed. I was concerned about the candles. No one was watching them. They could have been knocked over and burned the place down."

in the large room, (before the party got started to the point of feeding people) the supervisor G* from work showed me on a rug with concentric circles (that was really a large blue tarp, but I saw on it the rug pattern from my childhood, the braided oval rug, but tarp material and faded in places) how big New York really was, by having me step in scale to the city and telling me what kind of neighborhood my foot was in now. there were a lot of bad parts to new york, in the inner city.

am sure mcdonald's played a role in my dream somehow.

dude was in the dream; I gave him the abandoned books that i'd gotten and since the cat ginger was trying to escape, we knew whatever was in there was of the utmost importance to his personal quest.

some touching moments with darkside over the fanmail. we were alone in the snowy woods having an argument/debate. he showed me how bad his eyesight truly was. I was impressed -- worse than mine. the snowy woods was the same setting where I first kissed anyone -- bryan, in 1995. darkside and i became wrapped around each other in a nonromantic sense. he got scared that i was getting too close. i backed off. he explained. i explained back; i'd stopped thinking of him romantically, which was why i was allowing myself to get that close; i'd never try to get that close with romance in mind for fear of making him uncomfortable. we moved on... this was before the party, before giving dude the books, before the power outage, because ginger tried to run out the door before the lightning storm. there was a drenched dog or cat in the rain.

the apartment layout had distinct similarity to the layout of the house of my fifth grade dear friend L*.... the one with the cats... the beautiful girl who looked like a pixie....

woke to the sound of knocking. the wooden plaque on the front door banging in the wind.
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about damn time!

Finally got that double post about the death of barbie edited out. figured out what it was for poor netscrape to make it fuck up like that... select whole text field, push backspace. instead i selected chunks and pushed space, and then deleted the spaces.

All gone.
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You know you live in a witchy household when... go out to buy bread and you return with a loaf of bread and a hundred candles ...

...and your roommate wonders if they had them that much on sale, then why did you only buy enough for the next few weeks...
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more drama

Looks like Sis's mother's got a few misconceptions brewing. Apparently all Nephew talked about while he was visiting Grandma for the weekend was Neighbor. Grandma will therefore be making inquiries of Sis as to how long she's been dating this guy, and so forth...

Oy gods. It just keeps getting worse and worse. The three of us held a council of war trying to decide how best to tell Grandma that her hopes for finding her daughter a suitable husband were likely to be fruitless, and that she should just go and try to preach peace in the Middle East. We ultimately decided that we were going to end up laughing our asses off.
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to have a silver broomstick shoved where the sun don't shine

Discovered a major ... well ...

Today I exercised my diplomatic skills more than they've been used lately, and suggested to Neighbor that perhaps the writing of Silver Ravenwolf, while easy for the beginner to read and certainly more intellectually accessible to the general public, was perhaps not the ideal book for a beginner, and not always 100% accurate on some of the factual matters of things.

He read the book a number of years ago and thought it was quite good then. I intend to get my hands on a copy of it, and go through it with Sis. We'll make our own commentary in there, do our own research, and see what we come up with in comparison to her view on things. ...Mostly, though, just to see where Neighbor's coming from, since it looks like we may be working together on this and that here and there.

Fortunately, Neighbor is open to the idea that not all of Silver's work may be 100% accurate for the views on the Wiccan faith that are held by this general area. It was several years ago now, and he does wonder what he'd think of the book, going back and looking at it now... he's had the same experience that I've had, that a book that used to be the best book in the world, after you've grown past it and out of it, is no longer "all that" anymore.

Some books grow with you. Some books don't.
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