September 4th, 2001

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Darkside is so trying to seduce me to the RPG side of the Force. This morning he presented me with the manual for Paranoia, amusing me to no end. Last Friday he was helping me construct a Star Wars character.

This could be fun.
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Helping Darkside with html and general web design. He's the computer geek; I'm the computer geek in training and the half that knows how to explore around the system and figure out what the hell to do when he gets stuck.

I think I might actually like computers a little more than he does. Not sure. I just seem a little more comfortable around the damn things, and I can find crap in the programs list faster than he can, and I like just *playing* with them...

Right now we're figuring out how to bleach Ryoko so you can read the text on top of her. Woohoo! success! ... well, at least partially.
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GM makes cars, right?

Apparently Neighbor is familiar enough with the game Paranoia to want to play it again, because it's so damn funny. Darkside has relinquished all responsibility for the game, and I'm the one who owns the darn manual now, and I am creative, so therefore I am the one who got selected to GM.

We are now busily trying to find some time in the schedule when everyone has free so that we can game together. Darkside's schedule is full up. So's mine. So's Neighbor's. This could be a problem.

I think I have a solution, though. We'll see.
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scheduling and other impossible events

Well, my brilliant plan (reorganize my Sundays so that I have the mornings off and the afternoons on) looks like a dud -- while Darkside has his Sunday mornings free, Neighbor does not.

I have school or work until eight every weeknight; Darkside has work until at least seven three weeknights out of five; Neighbor has a similarly bad evening schedule. Neighbor has Saturdays all free; some bits of some Sundays. Darkside has to work at two in the afternoon both weekend days. I don't get off work on the weekends until 4:30 in the afternoon on Saturdays, 2:30 in the afternoon on Sundays.

I could re-work my schedule so that I begin work at 3pm on Sundays, thus leaving the entire morning free, and that would be absolutely lovely -- but for the fact that Neighbor doesn't have all of his Sundays free.

This is just a lovely mess.

Neighbor called Darkside to work out a gaming schedule. Looking at it, Darkside's response: "Well, you don't have to have me there in order to play..."

Neighbor refrained, just barely, from bursting out and yelling, "But you're the entire reason that Azure's agreed to GM for us! You have to be here!" Instead, he said, "Um... you may have a point."

We'll see. Neighbor may have to take Darkside aside some day and explain a few facts of life to him, like the general concept that I like to *watch* RPG's in progress and laugh my ass off at them, but the only way you'll get me to a gaming session is if friends of mine are there, and the only way you'll get me involved in actual gaming is if someone I'm romantically interested in is urging me to. Neighbor's known me, or at least known *of* me, for quite some time... including the concrete + head thing...


This is going to be fun.
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Another test in VB today. I get the feeling that flying colors may be involved in my eventual test score. I seem to be the one that the ladies in the back of the classroom consult when the teacher confuses the hell out of them.

I was raised by a programmer, dammit, and I already know quite a bit of the theory. Why does this make a glowing neon sign over my head "This Person Can Help"?

*sigh* When you've got the knowledge, and it's permissable to share it, you must share, however. That's the Law.
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the help desk

Just had a nice conversation with one of the other serious students in the VB class. She's a nice character, but not quite into the whole idea of programming yet. That is to say, she likes the idea, but hasn't really wrapped her mind around it yet...

We discussed professors and who not to take. She has a hard time with Mr. Wright's class because his accent (Boston) gets on her nerves; at least, she says, he speaks at a "normal" speed rather than triple Arizona speed like the Bostonian programmer that my father knew when I was little.

I disrecommended Erbe for any math class with great vigor, and recommended Goff and Adelman.
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Well, as I just told todfox, I'm published.

I submitted an article to a website run by and for Arizona pagans, and lo and behold I'm in! It was a while ago that I submitted it, but I've been having dialog back and forth with the site administrator about this and that, and he'd like me to write a few more articles for his site. Right now, the only payment he can promise me is, if he likes it, seeing my writing online where other people might see it and like it. For the moment, since I'm not a Big Name Writer yet, that's enough.

I came up with this one while attempting not to hit on Neighbor. For a silly ritual, it sure does have a calming effect. In public, it can be abbreviated to stomping one's foot on the floor and saying "Argh!" or "Grr!" and slapping oneself on the forehead and saying "D'oh!" ... people do that all the time. They'll never know... unless they've read my article.
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