September 6th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Last night was pretty lousy, but I'm feeling somewhat better now. Darkside has me.
running, bomb tech

Wall Posters

Took about an hour and a half out of my day and drew the alphabet, both capital and small Roman, and Elder Futhark runes as well, for our wall for Nephew, since it doesn't look like kindergarten is going to get its issues settled out very soon. I also drew a color wheel. I think next I'm going to tackle numbers, in Arabic numerals, Roman, tally-marks, and spots to count. And words. So for 4, I'd have:


I think I'm going to also put up letters and numbers in Morse Code and ASL Manual Alphabet as well. I need a refresher course, gods know. Perhaps Greek and Hebrew symbols as well? and a separate sheet with each alphabet by itself, labeled nicely? That would certainly make it stick in people's brains, to be sure.

I got Montessori school when I was Nephew's age, and all the advantages of an upper-middle-class upbringing with intelligent parents who wanted the best for their kid. Sis is doing a damn good job, but I've got some of the spare time, and I've got the knowledge of what worked with me to apply to Nephew. We want a kid with Sis's moxie, my academic knowledge, and the best of us combined.
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Told Darkside I'd get some sleep this afternoon. Hah. Did get a few shreds of sleep in class this evening, and still managed to wow the non-programmers. Came home to discover that the stew had not, in fact, been started, when I thought I'd left explicit instructions for its starting. I wish I could chew Dude out, but he only followed my instructions to the letter, "putting the potatoes in the pot with water" ... and letting them sit, cold, on the stove.

I think I will bitch at him anyway.
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That makes it official.

I'm giving away my former engagement ring, the one with BJ. I don't even want to think about him anymore.

He's such a crudface. He says he still loves me so incredibly much. Changed his tune a bit, has he? He can wear that damn ring on a necklace all he wants, but its mate is going to be in someone else's hands as soon as I can find somebody to take the damn piece of silver.
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