September 11th, 2001

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Hooray for Bush (wow)

The one thing that stands out to me about this entire crisis -- Bush finished reading the story to the kids before he would comment. Two planes crash into the World Trade Center, and one into a landing pad by the Pentagon, and it feels like the whole country's about to catch fire ...

...and Bush finishes reading the story before he will comment to reporters.

That's some nice priorities. Good for you, Dubya.
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call to arms --

All you witchy people out there -- I'm sure there are a lot of emergency relief cones of Power being generated and directed towards the disaster at this point -- if you're not already, feel free to join in.
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As soon as our ride gets here and gets his stuff together, we're all going out and donating blood -- even Sis, who doesn't like needles with the same passion that I used to avoid flame.

I'm O+. I didn't give blood a couple weeks ago because I was sick -- now I know why.

Blessed be. Blessed be.

In txpn I see a magickal call to arms, at midnight EST. Check it out and join in.
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Don't Panic

...seems to be the watchword of the day.

I almost did. I was keeping a running commentary in my dead tree journal, sitting in the DeVry cafeteria glued to the television, as was at least half the school. It was standing room only. Darkside and I, having gotten to school early, had seats, in a prime location to watch the screen. I pulled out my cellphone to call Sis. I left a message on the machine. Darkside tried calling his mom, his dad. By this time, everyone and his little brother's boyfriend were calling people on their cellphones, so service started completely sucking to the point where my phone was searching for service every five seconds or so.

It got to the point where my hand was shaking so hard that I could barely write. Each time, Darkside would take the pen from my hand or push my arm down or put his hand on my shoulder until I started breathing and calmed down.

I remember when I was, what, seven years old, and I was visiting Grandma. I walked into the living room, and there was a cloud on the television, a cloud that was split into the shape of a Y, and all the grownups were trying not to cry.

I'm going to remember the image of that plane crashing through the building as long as I live. Just like the Y-cloud, just like the cloud of dust in the air as the north tower collapsed.

This is going to be one of those things that people remember all their lives, like what they were doing when they heard that Kennedy had been shot. I hope it'll be the disaster of the century. I would hate to have something worse happen.
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I think I killed our TV.

I was worrying about all the stuff we're seeing and hearing when I was switching channels, and now we're not even getting static from the channels. We still get to display video from the VCR though.

Energy overload, dammit.
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this should never happen on my birthday (attempted e2 node which did not go through)

Your birthday is supposed to be a special day, where all of your friends and relatives bestow gifts and affection upon you.

Some people are unlucky and have birthdays on or near major holidays, such as New Year's, or Valentine's Day, or Christmas. These people find that their birthdays are overshadowed by the adjacent holiday. Other people share birthdays with siblings, which also detracts from the "this is *my* day" aspect of the personal holiday.

The worst of all is when your birthday happens to fall on the date that some inconsiderate terrorist, restrictive government, irate foreign nation, or other random lunatic decides to commit a noteworthy atrocity, or a dire emergency occurs.

Even if it's a small atrocity, your birthday for that year is near-obliterated by people discussing the atrocity or the emergency. If it's a huge enough issue, the date will be remembered for years to come only as the day when, oh, say, the Chinese military ran tanks over protesting college students, or the day when terrorists crashed airplanes into major buildings, and only incidentally by your friends as your birthday.

Nobody should commit any acts of terrorism on my birthday. No one should commit any acts of terrorism on any of my family's birthdays. Nobody should commit any acts of terrorism on any of my friends' birthdays. Nobody should commit any acts of terrorism on anybody's birthday.