September 13th, 2001

running, bomb tech



Babysitter is leaving tomorrow.
DES isn't open today. We have no childcare whatsoever now, and two working adults with full time school.
This is not a good thing. I've already rescheduled at work to reflect this fact. We are not going to be having a happy few weeks while the slow machinery of the government grinds back into action.

Hell, we don't even have a babysitter for tomorrow afternoon. That's when the babysitter heads out.

I'm sure going to miss Dude and Chick.
running, bomb tech

the world ticks on...

School today was one morning class, the usual for Thursdays. I slept late and squeaked in 5 minutes after the bell. My usual seat was taken; I ducked unobtrusively to one of the unoccupied seats in the front.

Had a short chat with Darkside before his next class, after I was through for the morning. Someone from work called in the middle of our conversation; I really should have just let the phone buzz after I saw it wasn't home calling.

Argh. Sometimes life gets so frustrating. I need to houseclean, or do something. I have three different swords I could work out with -- the lightsaber, the wooden sword, my short rapier -- I could work on school work, I could do dishes, I could work on my novel --- I am just distracted.
running, bomb tech

Damn Cats.

A crash from the living room in the middle of a deep discussion with pyrogenic is never welcome, especially when you know the cat's been hyper. I gained a sheet from the bed to wrap around myself toga-fashion, and ran out to investigate.

Nephew had one of those fish tanks, the great long tubes of water with a bubbler and colored lights in the bottom, and plastic fish floating around inside. May I stress the had. That little fuckwit the cat just knocked the thing over, breaking the plastic tube.

When I saw what the cat had done, the cat ran and hid. I retrieved the cat, picked the cat up, and carried him over to the huge puddle of water soaking into the rug, and, killing two birds with one stone, proceeded to rub first the cat's face, and then the entire cat, in the puddle of water, soaking up at least some of it until the cat would absorb no more. "Bad! No!" I intoned.

"Yeeow!" the cat said, and when I finally let him go, he zipped off into a far corner and sat there glaring at me.

"You wouldn't be wet if you hadn't broken the fishtank," I replied, and marched off back to my computer, leaving him there to sulk in the dark.