September 14th, 2001

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more cut and paste from IM land

Our adorable little tom has a girlfriend, it looks like.

Her local name is Amber Rose, because she's got amber eyes and she likes to sleep in the planter with the rose bush. I'm sure she's got another name, but that's the name she goes by around here. 'Moshpit doesn't know what to think of her, but he's fascinated by her. She hangs out on our patio, sleeping in the rosebush planter and staring at Shamash.

Sis says it looks like Amber Rose is a little older than Shamash, almost full-grown, though she's still got the kitten ears. She's a grey tabby too, only lighter than he is, and very beautiful, with scornful gold eyes and a long graceful tail.

He's getting fixed ASAP.
running, bomb tech


Sis came to breakfast with us today. Darkside and I seem to have ditched her for the computer lab.

Still very unhappy with the cat for what he did last night.

Apparently Darkside's new amusing move in our ongoing battle is to attempt to grab my tongue every time I stick it out at him. If he fails his tongue-grabbing roll, he attempts to grab my nose instead. Since I do have about a +5 tongue quickness, he's usually not successful at grabbing my tongue, but he only has to roll above a 2 with 1d20 to grab my nose. He usually succeeds. (That's 'cause I let him. He doesn't know that, unless he reads this over my shoulder, or unless he's already guessed.)
running, bomb tech


Finally, today at the DeVry remembrance ceremony in the courtyard, I was able to cry.

It's something about "Amazing Grace," even though I'm not a Christian, even though it wasn't played on the bagpipes.

Sis and I whispered "Gods" or "and Goddess" under our breath every time the singular male deity was mentioned.

After the DeVry part of things was over, we discovered that at least five other visible members of the DeVry pagan community were gathered with us... we shared our own few moments. Those not present in body were still present in spirit, not only the dead.
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My friend from camp, Alison, reported back that she is in college a good three hours from NYC. Now I only have to hear from Mommie Alice that she's all right at MIT where she belongs, not skipping class and seeing the sights in the big city. But Mommie Alice is a good girl, and not the sort who would cross-dress the Noble Statue or skip class.... right? Right??
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schedule crap

Called Darkside. Sounds like he had a pissy day. After making sure his schedule sucked as much as mine did this weekend, I left him to his anime.

I love hearing his voice, even when he is being dark and pissy rather than his usual self. fact, the dark and pissy note in his voice ... ohhhh...

Anyway, doesn't look like the game of Paranoia this weekend is going to work out after all. Thought it might have... so totally sucks.