September 15th, 2001

running, bomb tech

a note in leaving for work...

At least one of Scott Cunningham's teas for psychic ability does not mix well with alcohol. When meditating, you go right under ... and stay rather far in, even after going to sleep briefly. Takes at least 3 hours to clear out your mind.
running, bomb tech


I managed to get 9 interviews in 6.5 hours. For my work, I got off an hour early (will look nasty on the paycheck, given how much I'm not working this week) and a coupon to get a 15 minute break card. What with the break cards I get from walking to work every day (my company is concerned for the environment) this makes 45 minutes I can cash in any time my supervisors feel like letting me.

It actually wasn't such a bad survey I was on today -- about people's opinions about the environment and oil companies -- I just wish I knew that these would be used for good and not evil.

I did subvert the system a bit and put down "Human" as per the guy's request for race. I could very well have made it a refused question, but I like to do that for people when they ask me.

If I'm ever ordered not to, I hope I'll have another job lined up right quick.