September 17th, 2001

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Cookie (the root of all that's evil, but you can call me)

Darkside and I had a debate the night before last about how evil I actually was. He has an exaggerated opinion of my deep and abiding evil, possibly due to my habit of sinister giggles. He decided that if I was not already evil, I'd be evil soon thanks to my roommate. I told him I'd yet even to have my first hangover. He is waiting with great anticipation for that day.

The other night when we were talking (not last night but the night before) we got to discussing my nature of true evil, and we started going over the evil things I have or have not done.

I've never killed anyone, I've never gotten a hangover. I've broken a few hearts, and I deflowered a virgin. I did, once, bite someone below the waist. Darkside and I had a lengthy discussion about this, and, as he heard the circumstances and the person whose wang I did chomp down on, said something to the effect of, "You go, girl!"

It must have been a very bad situation to have a guy actually cheer on my biting of another guy in a very sensitive and personal location.
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Bad Fayoumis

I decided today that I would flirt with a lab FA at school. We have been talking off and on every time we run into each other, but today we exchanged instant messenger ID's and are now chatting with each other.

It has been verified that I am single, and am approximately 70% straight. He is 100% straight and most likely single.

It's too late to call Darkside tonight.
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Dragon Tree

Sis got a plant, a dragon tree. I got some ivy. Sis put her dragon tree on the coffee table. I hung my ivy in the bathroom.

The dragon tree is *now* in her bedroom on top of something, and the cat is in the doghouse. He's started chewing on things, in his teenage rebellious phase. He doesn't want any lettuce, though, whenever I offer him any. He doesn't seem to like parsley much either.
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He's flirting with me.

Cut and paste from IM land:

"and i will have to admit, i am also fascinated with your eyes"

...I don't think he's been particularly clued in that I've got this enormous crush on Darkside. ...Or maybe he has. I don't know.

He's a nice guy, though.
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Oh dear...

Azure Lunatic says:
So does everybody put your mind in the gutter, or is it just me?

Apparently it's mostly me.