September 19th, 2001

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the screaming horror

Hanging with Darkside in the morning as usual. He is checking out Dragon Ball Z pictures online and happily sharing them with me. Neighbor will be teasing the hell out of Adam today.
running, bomb tech


I lectured Darkside on the topic of driving while mostly asleep. I told him that next time, if he was that tired, he was to request a couch of me for the afternoon, and to request that I wake him up when it was time for my evening classes to start. Next time he most likely will.

This will have the added bonus of me not calling him while he's trying to nap at home with various excited news. I'd be able to see "Oh, Darkside is sleeping, must not wake him..." and in some cases, avoid the excited news altogether.
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running, bomb tech


Heh. Apparently the class that Adam *skipped* because he was hanging out with me was with O'Connell ... but the class was Devices.

Neighbor has been collecting ammunition to tease the hell out of Adam with. This ought to do nicely, very nicely.

I'm an evil scheming female, aren't I.

...In any case, this is definitely "a fling" and it's definitely fun and I definitely want to try this again, only with perhaps a little more time and a little less kitten interferance.
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Miming "Your mom is such a shithead" to Sis has to have been one of the high points of my day and hers. First you indicate the person on the other end of the phone. Then you tap your head, and unscrew the top. Digging around inside, you come up empty. You make a sad face. Then, a brilliant idea strikes you!

You reach your free hand down towards your bottom, and dig around there. You take a handful, and put it inside your open-topped head. Another handful, and another, until the head is full. Then you screw the top of the head back on and wipe your hands off. Now there is something inside the formerly empty head!

Sis was convulsed in silent laughter while talking to the unfortunate lady.
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Work Sucks (I Know)

The computer system at work is down again today -- this time it's a virus. I'm working two weekdays, tomorrow and Friday. I get to work tomorrow because it is Institute Day, and all classes are cancelled while teachers do their happy games and learn things. Friday I work normally.

Babysitting is still up in the air for next week, but everything should be settled by the week after that. Sis will be returning to school once babysitting is all arranged and happy -- but this semester is virtual toast.

I think I need to go get some more orange juice.
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That movie kicks ass. I noticed that the Emperor does call the country "The Middle Kingdom" at one point -- very nice. Very incredibly nice.

And the drag sequence -- also very nice.

Nice hyperactivity buzz. I think I'll reorganize the room.
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still manic-depressive as hell

Sis hates technology with a passion. I love it. One of my chief joys is explaining technology to other people. She can't stand it.

Major clash there. We're trying to work around it. She still uses tech, but it's black magic to her. Maybe someday she'll understand...

I sure hope so.
running, bomb tech

Dude, this sucks.

This is the second time in fifteen minutes that Netscape has crashed on me, and it's not making for me being a very happy camper. Not only does it crash, but it takes forever to crash, and until it's crashed, there's really not much I can do until it's done crashing. No, I'm not a techie, and no, this is not an invitation to those of you who are to tell me "Oh, you need to do ... and .... and .... to get it to work right. This is a bitching session. See? Bitch bitch bitch.

OK, now if you know of anything I might be doing wrong, or might need to do right, now you can make suggestions or rude comments, whichever. I'm a luser and I know it. Just needed to growl first.