September 20th, 2001

running, bomb tech

Ah, housecleaning.

What would normal people say? Oh, yes. "I put Christmas lights up on the ceiling in my room in the shape of a star. It looks kick-ass!"

I, on the other hand, "inscribed a permanent pentagram of light upon the ceiling of my temple."

Yeah, it looks kick-ass. I really need to take it down, though, and replace bulbs in one of the strings of lights, because about 3/4 of them don't light up, and it would be just damn stupid to do the work on a chair about to fall over onto whatever lies beneath.
running, bomb tech

You Know You've Been Around Your Roommate A Lot When:

...your friend tells you that he's been having an absolutely crazy day, the printers are breaking down once every three uses, and it's absolutely nuts, and you take a look at the day of the week and the date and burst out laughing.


"Monday the seventeenth."

...and then he cracks up too, and then you both realize that it's a new moon...