September 21st, 2001

running, bomb tech


Again, goddamn it!

Last time they invaded in force was on Beltane. This severely sucks. Sis took care of the vast majority of it. We had to throw out a whole bunch of stuff. I am peeved and she is even less happy.

Maybe it's something about the holidays?
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running, bomb tech


That Woman is en route to my house at this moment. When I return home from work, I am anticipating an explosion. I, with Sis's full permission, will blow up at her and order her out of my house at once. Her kids are fine, but she is not to be within my temple at all.

Sis may not do anything of the sort, as much as she'd dearly love to do so, because That Woman is after all genetic family.

I may do anything I damn well feel like, because this is my apartment, and I'm the one who owes my family for putting down the deposit on it.

If strong language is to be used, then I will send Nephew out of the room.

Oh ... and BJ just called for me. I was at work, and then going out with my boyfriend. Sis didn't know when I'd be back.