September 22nd, 2001

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How cute...

Looks like far too cute a website for me to hang around, though... good gods.
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That Woman decided to backtrack at the last minute and never did end up showing up in my temple. We are all very glad.

I had a few choice comments picked out, though, starting with a few about her being a bad influence on Nephew, and if she wanted to have her beloved sister console her over the fucking mess she'd made of her life, then she could just take Sis out to Denny's and cry over some coffee.

The fucking mess -- it seems that the little fornicating floozy decided that her husband wasn't good enough for her, and had been making time with some 30 year old guy a significant distance from where it was she was actually living. She'd had her three children with her when she typically went out to meet the guy... as her little boyfriend was convinced that she was single with no kids, we're wondering where they were while she was having her fun... I have generally no problem (well, no problem is stretching it a little, but you get the idea) with people fucking themselves and their own lives up with drugs and stuff like that, but That Woman has kids and a husband. That Woman's friends tend to be irresponsible single druggie types who I would not trust to watch a plant over the weekend, much less three kids under the age of seven.

That Woman's husband finally got wind of this, and proceeded to confront his wife with the boyfriend present. The boyfriend was completely flabbergasted by his girlfriend's duplicity, and he got pissed off at her too.
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I think Darkside could pick up a few tips from this comic strip. Adam and Darkside are generally on good terms -- now, when Darkside sees Adam, Darkside turns away.

This is just getting weird. I'm getting a little pissed. I can't date Darkside, but who can I date?