September 24th, 2001

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It looks like my schedule is officially getting the snippy by 6.5 hours. I am to be off on Sundays.

This Saturday at work I pretty much did nothing. I mean, I did all the stuff with the phones and all that, but I sat there and looked up what happened when you held down Alt while pressing numbers, and basically went out into a computer trance for a couple hours while messing with numbers, writing them down, and discovering that the symbols did repeat at 256.

today (Sunday) I worked, wrote, spaced out.... and, near the end of my shift, about an hour to half an hour before the end of the shift, I started smelling that distinctive scent of scorching electronics. I sniff-tested my entire booth and could not find where it was coming from. I then, slightly shaking, summoned a supervisor, who sniffed around, smelled that same smell, but could not find where it was coming from.

I soon had a little football huddle of supervisors over in my corner, all sniffing pieces of computer equipment and cable.

They never did find the offending piece of scorched electronics while I was there, but the smell did die down, so I stopped worrying so much. I got on a survey about five minutes before I was to leave, so I stayed about fifteen to twenty minutes over my scheduled leaving time. I was to be home to watch Nephew so Sis could go to work....

...this is why from now on I will have Sundays off.
running, bomb tech

Cat Arithmetic

Cat + Countertop = Mess = Azz*PissedOff = Cat + Water = Cat*PissedOff