September 25th, 2001

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Today was "Yes No Maybe." Darkside started only saying those three words for a while. So did I. Much amusement had by all. It got a little obnoxious after a while, but it was still funny. Darkside and I flicked each other off several times during the course of this. I have to stop falling for his psychological warfare tactics and hang on to his middle finger when I've got a good grip on it, and maybe play a few mind games on him as well.

Neighbor claims not to know who's the sadist and who's the masocist.
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I'm no longer looking for love.

Somehow this should scare me. I've been looking for my One True Love ever since I was five years old. This should really scare me.

But somehow, no.

I have love. I've got friends, I've got a "fling" now, I've got my unrequited adoration for Darkside. I've got friends. I've got family. I've got friends who should be family.

I'm happy.

I have love. I don't need to find it. My family loves me and I love them. People are being added to the family often, as uncles, as aunts, as brothers and sisters to me. The children are what bind us together, I've found. We can express who we are to each other in terms of what the kids call us.

Nephew calls me "Mommy" often as not these days...
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And *furthermore*

Researching, I learn that this pertains to hidden enemies and deceit, with the single card, and then do another three-card spread to help seek out what's up.

What do you learn from the first card, that which represents the past?
QUEEN OF COINS (reversed) -- False prosperity. Suspense. Suspicion. Responsibilities neglected. Distrustful person. Far off failure.

What do you learn from the second card, that which represents the present?
QUEEN OF CLUBS (reversed) -- Jealousy. Deceit. Possible infidelity. Unstable emotions. Fickleness. Resistance. Opposition.

What do you learn from the third card, that which represents the future?
FIVE OF CLUBS -- Unsatisfied desires. Struggle. Labor. Violent strife. Obstacles.

Oh dear. I think I see where this is leading.
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Sit and Wait

...That's one of the modes at work. "Hey, José, what do we do?" "Sit and wait, guys, it'll be up in a sec."

Right now I'm doing that at home. Adam's coming over in about ten minutes. Sis and Nephew are leaving about then.

We're going to hang and work on my computer, possibly. I've got some bad registry file issues.
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Testing, testing, one two three!!

This is an experimental post with LJ tags.

...and the experiment was a success: my original hypothesis was correct. There is no such thing as "/lj-cut".

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...and this should be visible on the main page.
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Yeah, that was good.


Have not dealt with Darkside's reaction to it yet.
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this morning...

YesNoMaybe. I do not touch Darkside without invitation. He does enough touching for us both. He wins the arm wrestling. He must win any challenge we get into. Understanding this, I adore it.

In the computer lab, we work on our separate morning routines, glancing back and forth every now and then. My schedule influences him to attack my throat, which is bare for his hand. He leaves, but on his way by a few minutes later, he smacks the back of my head.

Sis and I use Adult Codes in front of Nephew. Darkside likes Skittles; I enjoy M&M's. Mix them together in a great big bowl? S&M's. Darkside does not eat chocolate or coffee... I love both. Darkside gets Skittles at school, which cracks us up every now and then when we think about it...

Shall have to mention the candy mix to Neighbor.
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