September 26th, 2001

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As a direct result of the events of yesterday afternoon, I appear to have a thin layer of black clothing distributed across my room. Guess I wasn't feeling very tidy either yesterday afternoon, when I was too preoccupied to put things away nicely, or yesterday evening, when I was still semiconscious and giggly and mostly incoherent.
running, bomb tech

Taste The Melts In Your Mouth (or your hand) Rainbow

So what do you get when you mix Skittles and M&M's?

S&M's, of course.

Told that one to Darkside, let him set himself up for it, and then told him, while he was still holding his head, that Neighbor had been wondering which of us was the sadist and which the masochist. "Simple," I'd said. "Darkside doesn't eat chocolate."

With that, I left Darkside for class. Much amusement had by all...
running, bomb tech

Get A Room

Darkside and I had a very quiet morning together. He'd brought one of his RPG humor books, and we bent our heads together over that and sat very close, arms brushing, feet touching, as he pointed out his favorite bits.

The computer lab opened, but Darkside and I weren't done reading the book. So we stayed in the cafeteria, all the time in the world, just us two.

We did race to the comic strip the moment we got in there, though, and that was fun as usual. After checking his usual websites to see that there was nothing new, Darkside wandered over to Neighbor and began sharing the book with him. I wandered with him, and we stood there happily until Darkside's first class was about to begin. In the lab, still with no lack of space to stand, Darkside and I stood close to each other, less than an inch between my arm and his.

Darkside and I walked to his class together. The teacher wasn't there yet, so we stood out in the hall chatting about small issues of little import. I had earlier mentioned my schedule for the day, in that I only had the one class, while he had four. He bided his time, and then, as we stood there chatting, darted out his hand and caught me by the throat. I smiled at him as I extracted myself from his grasp -- but as we were still standing there in the hall with him glaring mildly and me with his strong hand gripping my larynx, Shrimpy walked down the hall and yelled, "Get a room, you two!"

Darkside got a dangerous expression, the sort that I know to be mostly mocking. "I'm gonna get ya, Shrimpy!" he said, or words to that effect.

Shrimpy took off running and disappeared inside the classroom.

"You go that way, I'll go this way," I said, and Darkside and I each barged in through one of the classroom's doors and went after Shrimpy, with mayhem in our eyes.

Shrimpy dodged us through the sea of desks and did ultimately manage to evade us.

Darkside and I didn't discuss it. There are some things we just don't touch with ten foot poles, and the idea of us being together is one of them. I don't know how he'd respond these days. Darkside is mean to Shrimpy just on principle, but how do I interpret this, or do I?

I suppose I had better just relax and let the chips fall where they may, and enjoy what I've got. Deliver me from clever art.
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The Mighty Hunter Takes Aim

Neighbor was fooling around with rubber bands in lab and aimed one at one particular co-worker of his who really deserves to be shot with a rubber band. The expression on his face was just classic, so I yoinked a sheet of paper from the recycle bin and borrowed a pencil and set to work. Guys with goatee beards are very easy to make look evil when you draw them. I captioned it as above, and when I was finally done with it, it lay on the desk for a while until someone posted it up underneath the sign for the help desk hours.

In my drawing, the help desk hours notice read as follows: Only closed when you really need us. Books on the shelf included: C++, Dictionary, Necronomicon, and Tech Support for Dummies.

The hair on the female person that the evil tech support guy was aiming at actually turned out somewhat decently. Shading and stuff, wow. Maybe I'll get better at this drawing thing. I'm not anywhere near good enough to have my own webcomic or anything, but drawing random doodles here and there is good practice.
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Out of general curiosity, Sis and I checked my temperature last night. For the vast majority of my life, I've run a little cooler than the stereotypical 98.6, at 97.6 exactly. Sis says that Practitioners tend to run hot, as all that power does something to you...

Last night I showed up as 98.7, 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than I typically am. I'll check again today (right now, in fact) to see ... I'm curious, actually. Is it Arizona? my Work? something else? anything?

Today it's 98.1 -- not as warm as yesterday, not quite up to "average" ... but interestingly, warmer than my typical norm.
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Artificial Cherry

Mountain Dew: Code Red now comes in the 2-liter bottles. I saw some in the store today, but did not get any, because I'm still off caffeine until the 16th of October.

Sounds like I'll be getting some when I'm back on the stuff, though.