September 28th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Yes, Darkside was dragged away from the phone by his father last night, who took him out to hit golf balls in the dark. (Yaaaay.) Apparently, Darkside says, when you hit a golf ball with a wood (dirty mental images there...) there's a spark.

This morning I admitted something painful that I really am ashamed to admit to Darkside. If he were to attempt to drag me golfing (and keep in mind, I despise the very concept of golf for no good reason that I know of, just because it's evil and stuff) I would probably come along. He was threatening to drag me golfing, you see...

We decided that paintball was probably a better idea. We talked about paintball for a while. I mentioned that I was still deeply uneasy about the whole concept of paintball because of BJ my psychotic ex, and Darkside formulated the idea of having me do target practice on a large poster of BJ.... which sounds like a viable idea.

Hmm. This could be fun, if he ever goes through with that.
running, bomb tech

Slips, Freudian.

Starcraft website. Darkside reading bits of it aloud, commenting here and there. "Eighty megs! Do you know anyone who has 80 megs of hard dick space?"

Joanie crack up. "Freudian slip!" I cackled at him, and bonked him over the head a few times.

He ducked. "Freudian slips, eh? If we're doing Freudian slips, go lay down on the couch so that I can examine you..."

He gave me this *big* evil grin, and I had to run off to talk with Neighbor for a moment so I wouldn't overload anything.
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running, bomb tech

Abducted by the Golf Aliens

I may end up going golfing some time with Darkside and his dad. The thought scares me profoundly. But hey, it's a chance to spend time with my best friend Darkside, if it turns out that way.