September 29th, 2001

running, bomb tech

Party! Yaaaaay!

Sis has borrowed a copy of The Wall and we will be watching it tonight! Yay! Looks like Alan, Neighbor, and possibly Adam will be showing up. Not sure about Darkside. I'll call him as I'm walking to work, and maybe he'll come, but most likely he won't, but it's the principle of the thing. He's family. He's part of the clan. He's an uncle to Nephew. would be so cool if he did show up, though.
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running, bomb tech


...Well, Darkside isn't going to make it. Like most of our family events, he never manages to show up, because we don't have the same schedule he does.

(Well, actually, he and Sis used to have fairly similar schedules, even allowing for the commute, but that's beside the point.)

Usually, when we invite him to a family event, he says "Well, I'm working, so I most likely won't be there," and doesn't show up. Today, though, when I called him on lunch break and asked him if he'd like to stop by after work for a movie, The Wall, with me, Sis, Neighbor, and Alan, he said he wouldn't be able to make it, and then elaborated. It seems that after work, he's tired and grouchy and really not fit human company. "Some other time," he said.

He sounded happy to talk to me. He sounded grouchy when his dad handed him the phone, but his voice warmed up and did almost the Evil Darkside thing at me, but not quite. I had to get off the phone before he wanted to stop talking.

I grinned the rest of the afternoon and was hyper. This is a definite improvement.