October 2nd, 2001

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War vs. Peace

This isn't going to be a patriotic babble, or an anti-violence campaign. This is just mundane and trivial things from my own personal life. If you're following the soap opera, keep on. If you're not, you can skip it or read it for amusement as you choose.

"How goes the war?" Neighbor asks when I come in to his lab grinning and smirking and sporting red marks on my neck from Darkside's fingers.

"The war goes well," I generally say, and proceed to tell him all about it. All's fair in love and war, they say, and Darkside and I are both fighting dirty.

Thus, Darkside has picked up the additional nickname of "War," a nickname he is unaware of. And now, as Darkside and Adam seem to be set up in some form of opposition to each other, Adam has become "Peace."

War is a bit of a sadist, and likes inflicing pain upon me.

It's just funny, to walk in to lab and give reports on "War" -- and most of the other people hanging around lab are somewhat clueless. Neighbor and I giggle. It's fun to have a conspiracy.
running, bomb tech

The war goes well.

Darkside, upon hearing about my schedule for the day (one class), beckoned me closer so that he could hurt me. I declined to be hurt, to see if he'd press the issue, but no. If I want to be hurt, I guess I have to put myself in harm's way.

We walk to his classes together. I guess I have to start having him walk me to my classes. While waiting, we started playing martial arts with each other, striking and blocking. He tries striking with feet; I succeed in kicking his ass. He kicks for mine, but misses; I inform him; he re-kicks, and this time connects with my ass.

"Why are you red?" he then wants to know.

Um. What do I tell you, Darkside? My face has turned bright red because I find you attractive and you have just touched me?

"I'm not red!" I declare.

We have a small discussion on this topic. Darkside knows. I know he knows. He has to know that I adore him and treasure his company.

Walking out to the parking lot together to retrieve his books for database class from his car, we had an exceptionally small space between us. Standing by his classroom waiting for class to start, small space.

He's taller than I am. Not very much -- if he's wearing thin-soled shoes and I'm wearing tall sneakers, and he's slouching, and I'm not, I'm taller or the same height. But when I'm wearing my steel toed sneakers and he's wearing thin-soled shoes, and he's not slouching, he's definitely taller.

His body fascinates me. His responses fascinate me. His mind, his body, his soul... all.

He still hadn't shaved this morning. I reached out and touched the rather extensive stubble yesterday; I think I did that again today. He didn't stop me. He didn't push my hand away.
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Theme Song


I Will Survive

The fiery confidence you normally keep under wraps blazes in your eyes every time your theme song turns on the table. People stand back and wait to be impressed by you—whether leading a project team, or firing up for a girls' night out. You mean business and people look to your leadership because you're so sure of yourself. So whether you're looking fine in the latest styles or throwing a bone to your 70's polyester double-knit blouse, this disco anthem always reminds you that you are true to yourself and are one of the lucky few who recognize that change starts first on the inside. Whether you're in your car, at a party, or on a date, you feel more resilient than John Travolta's acting career when your song comes throbbing through the speakers. Your friends dig you because you've learned to say what's on your mind. Life's too sweet to feel hurt and misunderstood. Yes indeed, with this as your theme song, you don't have to worry about surviving. You're well on your way to succeeding.

Oddly enough, this was the song I had picked for myself about five or six years ago.