October 5th, 2001

running, bomb tech


been seeing them, both IRL and in dreams, today and yesterday. IRL yesterday, with coins hitting together and a 9v battery falling out of an alarm clock, and in a dream out of the faucet and out of an electrical outlet.

Same gold spray of sparks, too.
running, bomb tech

Arm Wrestling

Computer lab with Darkside. Today at breakfast I used his backpack as a pillow. He is starting to notice what my wet hair smells like. Should I be encouraged?

In the lab, I reach for his shoulder to pat it. He flinches, expecting a nerve pinch. I pat his shoulder and rub it.

Later, he makes a bad joke, and I wrap my hands around his throat in aesthetic appreciation. He grabs back for my neck; we catch hands. I hold and attempt to arm-wrestle with no table under our elbows.

We do this for a while. My hand warms from the contact, as does my heart.

It's sweet. We've been touching more. I have been less hyper near him, more content.
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running, bomb tech

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Neighbor had a few words with Pestilence, reassuring him that we weren't banging the boots, nor even banging one boot, merely flinging the sock.

The hell?

Then Neighbor proceeded to give Pestilence a mini-lecture on Paganism, and how it was distinct from Goth and Satanism, and how those two were also distinct from each other.
running, bomb tech

Default Spacing

When Darkside and I walk together to his car in the parking lot, I've noticed that we walk close enough so we brush arms. I'm not trying to stay close to him anymore. He stays that close on his own. I was leading; he was following that close. You can tell. I wasn't trying to maintain the distance; it was done automatically.

Today before Econ, I was walking one way down the hall; he walked another -- he emerged from the mens' room -- and we said hi in passing and I continued my way.

He came back for me and collected me before walking to his class.
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