October 6th, 2001

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In dreams he sang to me, in dreams he came

I've been trying to remember my dreams better. The one thing I can't afford to do now, for the sakes of all of us, is lose focus. Adam is inner circle now, but he's not lifemate. I'm still keeping my options open in that category. Adam is life-friend; what we've got between us now shows every sign of having been there since day one or before, and will probably last until long after both of us are dead.

Darkside is life-friend too. He and I got along with each other on somewhat of a more reserved schedule (we are both exceedingly shy) but now the bond's there, and it's unlikely to be broken. Should we lose contact with each other, and then gain it again, we'll hug each other on sight and then resume conversation where we left off, more or less.

I have many friends like that.

I hope to never, ever, ever lose contact with Darkside. I can still feel him there... yow! What bit his morning? Poor dear, but I doubt now's the time to call him.
running, bomb tech

pleasure = sxlf@lkoster (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/offering-page/ref=ufu_brl_gw/107-9102682-5534966?index=fixed-price&field-offering-type=used&field-asin=0312862091&field-status=open&size=25&rank=+price&dbdat=2)

Adam visited today after my work. I got off half an hour late, just as school was shutting down. Came in, looked for him, saw him not -- played cellphonetag with Sis as Ground Station.

Brought him home with an hour and a half before the bus. Nephew sick -- run to store to get cold/cough meds. Adam runs -- I sit at home. Let him in as the gate is locked and he doesn't know the code (now he does).

Eat dinner (his excuse for staying out: dinner with friends) and then go in my room.
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my comment on a telemarketer/bill collector thread in acpizza's journal...

Heh. Got a good one the other day (think it was Friday).

Phone rings. I pick it up. Person, perky, male, asks for me, murdering my last name in such a fashion that I know it's Qwest. (My phone company is Qwest, and they have my last name misspelled in their records.) Guy runs through his little schpiel about the phone that goes perfectly with their services -- "Having the services and not this phone is like having cereal without milk!" -- and I let him get through with it -- I know how I hate being interrupted when I'm in a groove -- and then I make a few points plain to him.

"Actually, I like my cereal without milk. Secondly, we're broke-ass college students. Thirdly, it's Ms. B------, not Mrs. And since you seem to have my name and information right up there in your database, could you perhaps correct the spelling of my last name with your company? You've been spelling it wrong since day 1."

Guy laughed. He'd apparently never heard that response to his cereal/milk thing before. He couldn't correct my name, so I thanked him for his time and hung up on him.

Gotta love telemarketers.
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Doesn't seem to be much going on online tonight. Even Adam isn't on. He usually is on, talking to me, at this time of night. Too late to call Darkside, and I already called at half past eight, but he wasn't home then.

Didn't get to see Darkside Blues with Alan/Neighbor/Sis last night -- Alan was busy and never showed. The movie where Darkside took his name from, and I want to see it!

Will have to borrow it from Darkside some day, I suppose --- hopefully soon, but -- must avoid having bad Darkside/Sis scene ---- could get ugly if he comes over with movie and wants to sit next to her. She'd have to smack him down and he would be crushed. Don't want him crushed, but ....

....he's never going to get anywhere with her. She's taken now, and it's time he realized that it's forever.

Like I'm much better, throwing myself after him. I should talk. Meh. Stupid bitch. One man's not enough for me? Get up and find myself a new job, a new man, a new look -- I could get married to Adam, settle down, have kids ...

Dumb idea. Below my usual idiot standard. Meh.

Darkside, friend -- if you read this -- say hi, would you? Just an anonymous comment, o Voice from the Shadows. Maybe a bonk.

The most dangerous words in the world aren't "I love you" but "I don't care."
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