October 8th, 2001

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Everything is running so much better since I took that huge image file off as the wallpaper. Lovely picture, but a bitch to work with.

Cleaning up and clearing old shit out. What the fuck was all that in the damn Internet Exploder cookie jar anyway?
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not sure but I think I might have heard shots, two, blam and then blam, right one after the other, about a second apart. Did not hear sound of vehicle, if it were backfire. woke up and wondered "...the hell am I doing up?" at 4:35. Heard sounds rather soon after that; lay there shaking and did not look at clock until 4:38.

All else is speculation. I'll see what's on the news when I get to school.
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notes for my English paper

"Judeo-Christian heritage has left us with the view of a universe composed of warring opposites, which are viewed as either good or evil. They cannot coexist. A valuable insight of Witchcraft, shared by many earth-based religions, is that polarities are in balance, not at war" (Starhawk 201)

"If we label either end of the cycle as 'wrong' or unecessary, we cut ourselves off from any possibility for renewal or for the exercise of sustained power" (Starhawk 201)

"Dualism slides over into what I call the 'Righteousness Syndrome.' When there is One Right True and Only Way --- Ours! --- and everybody else is wrong, then those who are wrong are damned, and the damned are evil. We are excused from recognizing their humanness and from treating them according to the ethics with which we treat each other. Generally, the Righteous set about the task of purifying themselves from any contact with the carriers of evil. When they are in power, they institute inquistions, Witchhunts, pogroms, executions, censorship, and concentration camps. ¶Oppressed and powerless groups may also tend to see themselves as the Righteous. Since they are not in a position to weed out undesireables from society, they can be 'pure' only by removing themselves from the larger community" (Starhawk 201).

"Another spurious conflict created by absolutism is that between religion and science. When God is felt to be separate from the physical world, religion can be split off from science, and limited to the realm of things having to do with God. But the Goddess is manifest in the physical world, and the more we understand about its workings, the better we know Her. Science and religion are both quests for truth --- they differ only in their methodology and the set of symbols they use to describe their findings. The field of inquiry is the same" (Starhawk 202).
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No news is good news?

No one had turned on the TV in the lounge when I got to school. Darkside was already there, and we swapped weekend stories. He stayed up until midnight last night checking out the archives of Exploitation Now and had consequently gotten four and a half hours of sleep. I heard no noise on the television regarding any possible shots in or around my apartment complex, but that was because the television was still turned off.

Darkside pulled out several BESM manuals and showed me things from them. Usual conversation between gamergeek guy and non-gamer interested female.

At one point I became withdrawn and serious, hiding behind hands and hair and saying little. Darkside whacked me on the top of the head.

"What was that for?"

"That was just on general principle." He whacked me again. "That was for Major Mayhem."

I giggled, then realized his intentions. "You hit me just to get me laugh, didn't you."

"Well, it worked, didn't it?"
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notes for English paper

"The world view of Witchcraft is cyclical, spiral. It dissolves dualities and sees opposites as complements. Diversity is valued; both poles of any duality are always valued because between them flows the on-off pulse of polar energy that sustains life" (Starhawk 209-10).
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Hell Out Of, Teasing The

I have stumbled across a new way to make Adam blush. There's a certain nickname that he has recently acquired, and the use of it will make him turn that certain color -- fairly close to FF6666 or FF6699.

Also, if I ask him "What's up?" he will turn FF3366 if I've already employed the nickname.
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"It's hard to look up bus schedules while you're getting laid, isn't it."

It turned out that Adam was late for the bus that he was supposed to catch, going home Saturday night. He called his mom to come and pick him up, but since she doesn't drive at night very well, it was Pestilence driving. Now, Pestilence could have been a complete ass to Adam about it, but, strangely, wasn't. He did have this smirk, though.

When Adam's mother left them alone for about a minute, during dinner, Pestilence said, "It's hard to look up bus schedules while you're getting laid, isn't it."

"!!!!!" Adam said.

"That's what I thought," Pestilence said, and kept on smirking, but, oddly enough, did not harrass Adam about it any more.

The things that Neighbor has been saying about me may have been sinking in. Adam and I may have an unexpected ally in Pestilence.
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Took a nap before work, so I should hopefully be able to stay conscious throughout the whole thing.

Darkside surprised me yet again today. While he normally does not drink coffee, he would make an exception -- his teacher does not teach Java in a way inspiring wakefulness. He would drink java to learn Java.

I mentioned, to him, today, my lack of social education, and what he would be able to do to help me if he could. He at least listened to me, unlike Shawn, which I'm taking as a good sign. I couldn't look at him while I said it, though. I hope he picked up on that, too.
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Once in a career, water flowing underground...

They've got a new computer system at work, and it's still getting the bugs worked out of it. Instead of going down maybe once every three months, it's down pretty much once a week.

Tomorrow morning at around noon, just as the morning shift is getting through with stuff and before the afternoon shift starts, the plan is to try and overload the fuck out of the system.

All the people who can make it are cordially invited to get an extra 1.75 hours on their paycheck for the fortnight and come in and data-enter the holy mother of fuck out of the system, as fast as we can, as hard as we can, until it breaks down.

I want to know what would happen if we synchronously all picked up the phones. Depending on the system, it might or might not make it break a little.

Opportunity cost for this gem of a chance to get to break the computers at work -- the IEEE meeting from 12-1 at DeVry, a speaker and lunch (pizza + soda). Adam generally does attend such meetings, being a EET student. But IEEE meetings happen once a month, and new computer systems being acid-tested at work happen once every few years, if then. (The old terminals that the new machines replaced were amber-on-black little machines ... no box, just monitor and cords ... the new ones are Random Monitor + Slick New Black Dell Box ... and will probably be around until they look as old and crappy as an amber-on-black telnet appliance does today.) I'm going to go and play with the computers at work, because this is for sure the only time that people are going to want me to break the godsdamned work machines on purpose.
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