October 10th, 2001

lonely, spock

an opening line if ever I heard one

On the topic of spare sleep, and how it was not to be had, Darkside was discussing his general lack of my between-work-and-school naps. First, he doesn't have the gap between work and school such as I do; work is almost immediately after school. Second, he would have no place to nap...

I mentioned our couch space. I hope I mentioned it loudly and precisely enough.

...he's been doing that a lot, lately, giving me these fantastic potential opening lines that I somehow fail to follow through on.

It is coming up on his stated six month year of mourning. (Ekaterin isn't dead; she just dumped him; and furthermore he's not the ass that Tien was.) One week, in fact. Tuesday next, we shall see...
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Brought leftover pizza to school for breakfast. Shared with Darkside. Sat next to him in computer lab. He showed me LoTR silliness; at one point we were sitting with his leg and mine in complete contact. "And why is your leg there?" he wanted to know. "Because it's *there*," I replied, slightly annoyed, because that was just how it had happened -- my leg was there, his leg was there, I was enjoying it, but it had happened on its own. My voice must have showed the truth. He can tell when I'm lying, and when I'm trying to evade, and this wasn't one of those times. He eventually did shift position, but it wasn't immediate.

Walked Darkside to class. Had the sort of spotty conversation with him where he wandered off at several points, but came back and came back and came back until the teacher finally showed up. I kicked his ass, and he tried to kick mine, and failed several times. I accidentally almost kicked him in the groin and apologized. I'd never want to hit him there.

Went to the Cholla lab (upstairs) and talked with Adam. Made plans to see him Thursday. Finally accepted his apology after three kisses. Just lip to lip, no tongue, but that was all we could really get away with in the computer lab, and, in the mood I was in, and the mood he was in, more emotionally charged than almost any of our other kisses.

"You're having way too much fun," Adam said, reading my face, which was telling him that one more good kiss would make me wind up gasping and screaming.

I wandered off to pester Darkside. He had to check something online in the Cholla lab, so back I wandered. No chair at the computer he chose, so I was treated to a lovely view of Darkside bent at the waist...

I didn't kick him, nor did I touch Adam in front of him.

Back near Darkside's classroom, given that the teacher wasn't there, we discussed martial arts maneuvers. Darkside did something to me, then watched in amusement as I warily eyed him as he walked around to my side.

"You really don't trust me, do you," he said.

"Not when you've been pulling things like that, no," I said. "And besides, it's when I let my guard down that you sneak up behind me and do that thing with your arm around my neck. Trust no one, you said."

"You mean this thing?" he asked, and demonstrated gently.

"Yeah, that one."

He showed me exactly why it was so effective, and had me test the proper placement of the arm on him. I did. Hopefully he was paying attention also to the part of me that was squished against his back. I held the lesson in the highest regard, but for so long as Darkside is male and I am female, there will be that strange exciting undercurrent...

We discussed other matters of martial arts and of the Art. Of the people I have Worked with, Darkside is one of those I prefer above all others. We just ... coincide.
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running, bomb tech

Work sucks.

They didn't let us on break until 7:35, and then had us go home at 8:30. Grr.