October 11th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Having a morning conversation with Darkside hurts. He is under the impression that I am becoming more immune to nerve pinches. I suppose I must be, because I can keep a straight face while he's doing this to me, even though it hurts like hell...
running, bomb tech

More pain, more violence

Hung out in Database lab with Darkside; finally went to Econ. Ended up reading from the Illuminatus! trilogy during class.

Showed up in the lab to walk Darkside to his next class. Saw Dawn just inside the door -- the other conspiritor with myself and Neighbor on the whole "war" thing -- and greeted her with great enthusiasm; noticed Darkside and said, as a rather unenthusiastic afterthought, "Hi Darkside."

He noticed. He objected. "Well, would you rather that I did this?" I asked, and then said in a gooshy-sweet voice, "Hiiii, Darkside!" and flung my arms about him.

He reached an arm around me as if to hug me back or something, but only followed through with a halfhearted grab at my throat.

Walked Darkside to his next class. On the way there we had gentle walloping of each other, very fun, very endearing. We had a challenge about heavy backpacks, and I ended up proving that yes, I could take the weight of his backpack. "Sure, I'll carry your books to class," I smirked.

He took the books back.

We had a conversation about various little things, including disappearing teachers. I tested his balance (poor) by shoving him while he should have been expecting it. I mean, come on -- there I was, standing next to him, telegraphing my move so obviously by staring out the window on the other side of the room...

Crash bang boom. He didn't fall, but stumbled extensively. He shoved back, and I was knocked off-balance, though I should have been expecting it. We continued our exercises in amusing discomfort until his teacher showed up.

He had a test, so I went and said hello to Peace for a little bit. I returned, and walked him to the lab where he was supposed to have a meeting.

I have been able to wrap my hand around his neck far more than usual. Not sure quite what he thinks of it. I have a few red marks on my neck. I like it. He's been far more physical lately, touching me to get my attention, not objecting when I touch him casually. I like it.
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...early this morning Darkside and I sat together looking up Dragonball Z stuff. My knee touched his leg; I wrapped my arm around the back of his chair; my hair brushed against his shoulder.

No objections, just companionable conversation about anime I really have no clue about.
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witchy links

Sis was wandering around the web all day today and came up with a list of places I absolutely had to visit. My time isn't what it used to be. Therefore, saving it while I finish housecleaning.

http://www.cyberwitch.com/raven Sis says they're awesome
http://www.chesco.com/~aconry/dex.htm "A must see," Sis says
http://www.schuelers.com (for real people)
http://www.gekkala.org/index2.htm (ditto)
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Hee hee.

And a non-friends-only post on the same topic as the preceding friends-only, with a few details that I left out of the previous post...

Adam dropped by this afternoon, and we had some fun. He gave me a backrub, using the lotion that I'd mixed especially for the scent. He likes the scent, which I think is awesome, especially as that is "my" scent, the one I've found that's the most expressive of me. DC and I mixed it especially for me, once upon a dream back in the Fairbanks days.

Adam had to skedaddle back to school once we were done. His dad commented on the scent of the lotion. Adam claimed it was soap. His mom commented on his hyperactivity and blamed caffeine.

The length of time that the interactions between Adam and me are taking have expanded my attention span by quite a bit. I've been getting fearfully distractable. Talking with pyrogenic about that. If anyone knows ADD/ADHD it's him.