October 17th, 2001

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Came to breakfast this morning. No reaction from Darkside. Finally got a voice message from Votania telling me to call her when I heard from Darkside. I laughed about that, a little, and Darkside wanted to know what.

"Votania wants me to call her when I hear from you... she was wondering about yesterday..."
"I was wondering if you'd even show up for breakfast this morning, to tell the truth."
"I'd have to show up sometime, wouldn't I?"
running, bomb tech


Should have been expecting it to sting.

Also doesn't help that school is not going well.

Friendship has not been fucked with. Thank gods.
running, bomb tech

from a comment to avatar_x

My regret -- that I did not kiss a pretty girl when I had a chance to.

All the rest is stupid shit that I really should have known better but was being a dumbass but I learned from it, or stuff I never could have known to do or not to do. I'm a better person for all the things that are unpleasant memories of mine -- except for that one.

We were hugging goodnight and I had the chance to kiss her. I wanted to kiss her. She wanted to kiss me. That was in 1995. We haven't seen each other since, and she's in a permanent relationship now.

I should have kissed her. The world would be a better place today if I had kissed her.

That's my regret.
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Generally Pissy

Well, that sucked.

Thank gods for the friendship. I'd be devastated right now if Darkside and I weren't such good friends. As it is, I'll just be feeling low and grumpy for about the next week, just in time for finals.

Looks like Peace is going to be picking me up off the rebound.