October 19th, 2001

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I really hate all the little critters that you don't find in Alaska.

Specifically, spiders and ants.

Ants are really annoying. Ow. They bite. Spiders, or rather, Votania assumes they're spiders, because of the way the bites are acting, are also painful. Ant bites only swell up a little, though, and my spider bites have stabilized at a red circle about the size of a quarter with a scab in the middle.

I don't like little biting critters. Sis says it's winter, and the little wee buggies are starting to come inside.

Ow. Somebody call the exterminators.
running, bomb tech

Dave (!)

I wrote him a rather lonely-and-worried e-mail yesterday. He did write back, thank the gods ... I'd been getting worried, seriously.

...He's sorry that Darkside turned me down. "What was he thinking? Obviously he wasn't...."

...I could use some hugs right about now. I'm just too damn ... I don't know.

I'm not quite sane enough yet.
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Still. Always.

...Darkside's wearing his trench coat again today. I can't in good conscience think too much about how attractive I find him anymore; that just would not be polite. Intrusive, even. No matter that it's in the privacy of my own mind: my own mind is not private. Darkside occasionally shares bits and pieces, just as I receive echoes of him.

What is it about wiry-thin martial arts guys just about as tall as I am? Darkside's 5'7" and there is occasionally debate as to whether he's taller or I'm taller. He's got your standard business-type haircut, very light brown or dark blond, depending on how much sun he's been in (I always think of him as blond), blue/grey eyes and glasses, a scruffy "I forgot to shave for two weeks almost-beard", a thin nose, soft lips. (I know how almost all of his body feels, even before I touch it, and after we come in physical contact, I was always right.)

I'm gone. I'm dead. I'm perverse and disrespectful. ...I still care.
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AwfulFic As Art

The current message thread on Sithacademy-talk is Siubhan's vacation, and what the hell we're doing to her lovely little e-community while she's not there to police us.

A completely hysterical flame war has begun on the list at large, with ordinarily well-written people merrily turning their spell-checkers inside-out and posting spoilers for Episodes 5 and 6... and flaming more...

Gotta love SA.