October 27th, 2001

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Are You A Sex Goddess? (http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/goddess.jsp)

A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken!

The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being,

DEMETER, Goddess of the Fruitful Earth.

She is a deity who embraces all that man has to offer.

Sex for you is probably just as much of a spiritual experience as it is a physical one. You are an unconventional lover who doesn't feel the need to obey traditional gender roles or follow the norms set by society. Although you are a firm believer in experimentation, you never rush your sexual encounters. It's important for you to experience sex in a deep and profound way. When in the bedroom, you not only surrender your body to the experience, but you allow your mind and your spirit to join the action. Men find you to be a phenomenal lover, and they never fail to be completely elated and fulfilled when the night is over. Sex for you is much more than the sum of its parts. It's an experience that provides you and your partner with an unforgettable moment. For the men who are fortunate enough to share your bed, it's like a light streaming down from the heavens. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess!

Adam? Is that me?
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(no subject)

hangover at work. Blah blah blah. Work started at 8:30. I woke up at 11. Fortunately, I was at work already, and the clock on the telnet screen showed that I'd been there since 8:30 or a little before. I had vague memories of drinking too much water and running to the ladies' room every twenty minutes, but other than that, and the vague feeling I'd been writing in my looseleaf journal (about four pages' worth) and falling back asleep for 25 out of every 30 seconds, I have very little memory of my morning.
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the song of darkness (again)

this is the sort of day that's got chills on me -- not all the way through but the sort of high-voltage high-frequency chills that do the skin effect --- not the center but the outside, the very outer edge. Thick co-ax, that's me.

Last time I did checktemp it was a day, perhaps two, ago -- Thursday, Friday, 99.0 and 98.9, bit of a fever from the flushot Thursday.

wanting to call darkside, dying to call darkside, pining, wishing, loving...

and the skin effect again, supercharged and chilling.

98.6 F. deadon and suddenly I'm cold. a degree up from my former norm. How to reach a new balance point? my hands have allergy to pumpkingoo?

(Darkside, I'm still miffed at you for what you said to Dennis K. I know he's your best friend. That still doesn't make it right for you to fuck with his love life like that. Not to mention me. I'm still pissed. ...If you're going to tell dangerous truths, tell it all, not just half-truths that might as well be lies.)

catnip scattered like herb across the floor, cat with the munchies. lethal sundae? orange chicken, time to grok and then duplicate the recipe, the perfect tiny Chinese takeout place on the corner near the Mobil station.

heat in my hands belies the cold i feel elsewhere...
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(no subject)

I am such a masochist.

I have these old photographs from when Darkside and Votania were dating. They're very cute, very lovely photos, taken with complete insensitivity to the fact that they wouldn't be dating forever.

Dammit, and now I have to go back through and look at them.

...better than having either of them do that, I suppose.
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Let's see if this works.

Geocities apparently doesn't let me do this. Meanies.
This ought to be a photo of Darkside.

Nope, I've got it wrong, or Geocities is that sort of thing that doesn't allow you to do that. I'd be betting on Geocities, myself.

OK, now it works all of a sudden. ...umkay...

(11:28) and now apparently it doesn't. Oy.

(1:05, still awake) I guess what you've got to do is right-click, select properties, and go visit it where it lies at http://www.geocities.com/silenceshadow/darkside.jpg and then it *may* show up in my journal.

...or it may not.

Dammit, computers are still past my level of specialty.

(7:38 the next morning) Nope, image no longer shows 'cause I violate the Terms of Service in showing it from here. Dammit, post a f*ing ad-banner at the top every time an offsite computer looks at it directly, irritate the f* out of all of us, but at least we get the f*ing picture.
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w00t! it works!

[me in yellow, photo]
Me, slightly tipsy. I normally wear glasses and don't wear yellow.
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proper fit

In order to make it fit properly, Votania and I will have to take the sewing machine to my Renfair Garb and take in the bodice an inch or two.

Or maybe even three.

I can damn near wiggle myself out of it when I raise my arms. Costume-wise, this is not good.

Weightwise, on the other hand, it's damn exciting.

I intend to be a gothvampire in ren garb this year. hee hee fun!!