October 28th, 2001

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giggling in the dark

It's that time of year again.

Back almost a year ago when I lived in never-never land with the lost boys (BJ, RJ, JA, and Jon) every night I would take the phone out to the balcony and sit on the flimsy plastic porch chair and light a stick of incense and talk to Darkside on the phone.

He sounded desperate for someone to talk to in those days, someone to hear him ramble on about DragonBall Z and other anime and webcomics and more. I needed a friendly voice and the feeling of someone reaching out to me with energy that had a familiar and friendly fingerprint. We were the perfect phone buddies.

I'd sit there in the dark with my favorite blanket wrapped around me, wondering why I was shivering when I was Alaskan. I'm sure he had a light on, if only the light of the computer monitor. I looked at the stars, the trees, the patterns of smoke curling upwards.

Even after he and Votania started dating, I still kept up the late-night conversations. There were some things only I would listen to. Those conversations died out after I got my own apartment --- well, a new roommate situation, at any case --- because I no longer needed someone to run away to. Darkside had to get his sleep, and I went online obsessively.

After I moved into this apartment, the conversations got back to perhaps a few a month, but not nearly as often. Darkside and I had our breakfasts together to spend time with each other, and didn't need the phone.

Over vacation, though, we tend to get closer to each other on the phone. I guess there's something about seeing your best friend every day and getting to talk to them, and then suddenly... not.

This is why we don't talk on the phone more often... simple five-minute calls turn into twenty-minute, forty-minute calls... two-hour calls....

There's just something, though, about lying out on the patio in the dark with a pillow and a lit candle, feet propped up against the wall, talking in the darkness on your cellphone, looking up at the clouds and stars and occasional airplane, using everything but the words "I love you" to say it.

Darkside? I love you.
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single parenthood and enough sleep

Nope, it doesn't happen. Even double parenthood and enough sleep aren't happening when there's working and schooling going on.

I don't know how it works to have only two responsible adults to take care of a kid, I really don't. I don't think it does. You've got to keep an eye on the little hyperactive darlings every single second, and two people? doing all that? Nope.

*sigh* It'll work somehow.
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(no subject)

It's been a very slow day. I took a nap for several hours on the couch in the living room while playing endless videotapes (G or TV-Y rated) for the kid. He's down for his nap now.

We've discovered that he does eat yoghurt, especially peach yoghurt. This is a good thing.

I'm just exhausted today, all that insomnia catching up with me.
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Wonderful Spam

"Attract men with bigger breasts!"

Yes, I like all of my men to have nice large firm titties.