November 4th, 2001

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Getting to know you...

Adam and I have decided to devote some chat time to getting to know each other better, before we can make any kind of decision on the whole concept of us as roommates. Votania did a reading last night that came up "too soon to know". She won't say no to me if I do decide to have him move in as a roommate, but she wouldn't give it her full support without him and me getting to know each other a hell of a lot better.

...We're very good friends in bed, you see. We know each other physically exceptionally well. We haven't the foggiest idea, quite yet, as to the underlying preferences, mental, ethical, spiritual, of each other.

We're finding it out now.

....I think I've just hit upon that which showed up in the cards as the thing that he hadn't mentioned to me.
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...Yeah, I think it was this discussion that was the heart of the matter with the things that were not being spoken of.

We worked up from taste in music to drugs to abortion to religion. He explained his views and I explained mine. looks like we're going to get along just fine. If he moves in, he'd probably excuse himself from the main room if there was going to be any sort of serious specifically Wiccan working going on there. Votania and I would probably excuse ourselves from any specifically Christian rites.

Thank the gods for the fact that I was originally magically trained with a slightly bleached and nondenominational Kabalistic system.
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this is just one of those "What the fuck!" moments for me.

...I'm seeing a Christian?

....and it doesn't bother me?

...for that matter, it doesn't bother him?!!

One of my final comments on the subject, summarizing my viewpoint about other people's religions -- "I have no quarrel with those who follow Jesus unless they decide to follow me with sticks, stones, sharp objects, gasoline and lighters, and cruel and untrue words ... in which case they are no longer true followers of their Path."

his response: "True."
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MSN conversation with a semirandom person I met online, or my roommate met online, some months ago.

I leave MSN on pretty much as much as I have my computer online, so that my friends from back home can leave me messages if I don't happen to be near the computer. Turns out that this semirandom person left me a message while I was crashed out asleep, then thought I was ignoring them when I didn't respond within a few minutes.

We had a conversation of the type most likely to burst out into flame, all about how I'd offended him by not responding because I'd fallen asleep in front of the computer.

Most of the people I talk to on MSN (my friends from home, my friends from college, the online friends I've met and built up a friendship with rather than a casual exchange of words) know my hyperactive computer habits and the fact that emergencies necessitating my immediate attention (with no time to set MSN to away -- that is a low priority compared with a cat and crashing glass, or a yowling five year old) are common around my house. That's just the way the Lunatic is. The Lunatic has DSL, the Lunatic has work, the Lunatic has school, the Lunatic never turns her computer off for the night because it's almost a 24-hour household ... the Lunatic gets up in the middle of the night and checks to see if Dave-in-Germany is online.... the Lunatic has a very short and very odd attention span.

Let me go look at my MSN friends list now.
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to those with me on their friends list

Sorry about that, the long lj-cut tag making your friends page all wonky there. I can't get back in to edit it short because the site is acting up. I will be going to sleep shortly, but as soon as both LJ and I are working properly, the offending journal entry will have been edited to have a far shorter cut tag.
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the amusing discussion

People have different ideas of nettiquite. I tend to use my IM programs only to talk with people I personally know, either IRL or through some other forum, such as bulletin boards or Livejournal or e-mail. I tend to not talk to random online people through anything other than ICQ. Perhaps this is the reason why....

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still tripping...

...and I didn't even know that he was Christian.

...Yes, it's the usual course of things that you know this sort of thing before allowing any of that whole intimate body-to-body contact ... he did know I was Wiccan, though ... that counts for something.

I did know that his general spiritual ethics worked in harmony with mine -- you can tell that about someone, often, with that sort of close contact. I did know that he was fine with me being my own faith.

... I did warn him, though, that Votania's self-preservation instincts are strong around people calling themselves Christians, mainly because she's run into too many of the sort that would like to forget Thou Shalt Not Kill. He will be sensitive of that, and therefore sensible around her.
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better than coffee

Before I ended up going to sleep again this morning, Votania woke up. We ran out of Mountain Dew and she was complaining. I decided to mention how I'd figured out the thing that was the "hidden, possible deception" thing.

"Yeah....apparently he's Christian," I said casually.

If she hadn't already swallowed the last of the Mountain Dew, she would have been spewing it out her nose in surprise.

We got it straightened out that he was one of the cool and interesting people who is into the whole "Jesus died for the sins of the world and when He comes back there will be peace, and I should follow these guidelines" thing, rather than the "If you do not believe like I believe I'm gonna make you sorry" sorts of people.

I think I still need to sleep on it another night before I'll really be able to get my mind around it. I'm just not used to seeing people outside of my religion.
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to every thing there is a season (insomnia)

I'm turning into Dude.

No, seriously. I put in movies and crash on the couch until I'm awake, because I stayed up until gods know when the night before.


At least I have some semblance of human consciousness a little earlier in the morning...
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Looks like the A/C is out. This is Arizona. As soon as Nephew's gotten lunch, I'll be wandering over to the main office and putting in a maintenance request. A/C is a serious thing here. It's not so bad as it would be at the height of summer, but inside the house is about 80-85 F, which is a little warmer than standard room temperature.

It seems that with the open windows we get some more joy, this being the joy of hearing our neighbors yelling and swearing. I just heard the N-word. It sounds a lot different when it's being yelled in a slightly drunken voice full of anger than when it's being used in a rap song or between friends.
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...It's off for the entire apartment complex. I think I'll take another bath, this time with ice cubes in...


My bedroom fan's aimed at my laptop to keep her cool. It'll be one damn hot night for me...
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