November 6th, 2001

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Long day.

Breakfast with Darkside. Fun.

Darkside is uncertain as to the wisdom of my having given my heart to Raven. I'm not. There are some things that are just right.

Having martial-arts fun with Darkside in the hall and the computer lab is another of those things.

Got books. Hammered on schedule.

Went home. Started rearranging room.

Worked. Yawn.

Came home.

Helped Alan with paper.

Did tech support on cellphone with Alan for printer.

Said goodnight to Adam on line.

Thank the gods for A/C. Wish we had some. Dammit.
running, bomb tech


...wish adam was here to take the edge off the loneliness. he's the one who's touched me, me, not just the shell everyone sees -- most recently.

darkside does too. ...he'd be excessively alarmed by the thought of sleeping next to me though, poor guy.

insomnia sucks.
running, bomb tech


Darkside gets to meet alan tomorrow morning.

gods help the school building. fire meets fire... .....and if we go to the upstairs lab to print ... meets fire.
running, bomb tech


heard from shawn.

miss the guy like i miss a brother.

thank gods the horror's over.
running, bomb tech

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That Woman showed just as I was coming home from school. Played up the "I must sleep now or you will die" thing almost as much as I was really feeling it.

I object to having her in my house. She left a note for Votania. I appended it with my personal notes and now I'm crashing.

Alan met Adam this morning. Went well. Felt like taking the family to see the new boyfriend. Alan didn't get to meet Darkside though.
running, bomb tech

fire and fire

alan met adam today. darkside was already in class.

there were no explosions.