November 7th, 2001

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the end of the world as we know it

...and I'm still not getting enough sleep.

I was the popular one at work yesterday on break -- I do Tarot readings now, and surprise people with accuracy. Mob scene all watching.

Laughed my ass of with Sis this morning.

If I don't ace this semester, Darkside is under strict instructions to smack me around.

Class at eight today -- stats. Read the chapter this morning. Not going to have enough time. I'm going to have to take another day off from work permanently. This is only going to work if Votania gets enough hours at work to pull us both through. It was working last semester though, and I had some money to spare....

...there's just this feeling in the air today. Something's going to happen.
running, bomb tech


Three of cups, reversed, has been showing up an awful lot lately.


...hope whatever's for the best.
running, bomb tech

I was always doomed to be the sort you'd marry.

I've managed to avoid that fate so far. I don't want it to be a trap like it almost was last time.

...The one I wanted in high school would never touch me that way, like I was the sort of girl you sleep with. Not until I did something highly unethical. ...I still remember the way he looked at me though...

...He finally did make it the sort of friendship where we went off into dark corners and things happened. It was one day in January, January of 1998...

...the fire stairs of the basement of the college English department building...

...we didn't have was too cold and the condom was awkward... and he missed the bus the day after and didn't come to school...

...but the day after that, when we first saw each other after hugging goodbye on campus when my mom came to take me home after that afternoon, ...I think it was a Thursday? that morning, as I was through with my class ... Electronics? who knows... ...sun rising just barely turning the snow pink and gold on the football field, a true Alaska January day... our faces lit up when we saw each other, and he flung his arms around me, black trench coat wrapped around me, smell of coffee and car exhaust deep in the wool... my hat flew off with the force of his embrace.

"Looks like you're losing a little head there, Joan," our friend Rocki said.

...that moment was magic.
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running, bomb tech

casual public kisses

you know those soft kisses you exchange as "see you later" ... just the lips? gentle, soft, sweet, quick.

those kisses.

almost every day now.
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a comment to ras_sinister

I hypothesize that forced "diversity in education" (when presented with a limited range of "diversity" curriculum) is a giant waste of time for those who need it the most and those who should appreciate it the most.

Those who should appreciate it most are those who already know something about it and are getting bored and frustrated in a class aimed at the lowest common denominator.

Those who need it the most only take it because it's required, skip class frequently, and get bored and frustrated as they are attempted to be instructed in something they don't want to learn.
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A cheering thought

Maybe after I get my computer degree I should get a few more applied psych courses and become a teacher. Oh gods the horror -- the horror -- the lesson plans -- the getting hired in the first place -- what a nightmare. Not elementary school though.

My C++ professor does not answer to "professor" or "Mister Krawitz". He's Ron, and he did not even instruct us in the proper way to avoid mangling his last name -- on purpose, I rather think.

My Accounting professor made it clear on the first day that he is an asshole and does not care about the well-being of the students. Since he's got a sense of humor about it, some portions of the class have decided to love him on sight. I am always tempted to make smartass remarks to these teachers. Last semester I pulled my crystal ball out of my pocket to prove a point to Mr. Potter; I may have to repeat the performance for Mr. Van Zogt. Potter eventually did glare at me a few times, mostly for stealing the laugh that was supposed to be his.
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I'm reorganizing my room to start looking a little bit more like the room from Serial Experiments: Lain. Computers all over. Wires and cables and gods know what-all spread over the floor.

to get:

Stuff for a LAN (Adam is helping, when we get the time)
USB hub for Votania's box (she'll need it)
more power strips
New box for Votania
Extra monitor
New box for me
Gaming setup for Nephew (on whichever machine)
DVD drive
Zip disks
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This is not my night.

As far as I'm concerned, all computers and all programs suck ass, because I am a dumbass and do not understand them.

In the words of my new C++ teacher Ron, "Don't kill the old lady!" Your programs are not supposed to be able to do things that will make the lowest level of user freak out and maybe have a heart attack. Your programs should be compatible with whatever damn video display your bloody user's got. Even if it looks like ass, it should still show you something, dammit! It should not stop the fucking install with no visible way to close it short of being very mean and rude to the computer. If that had been my roommate installing the thing, I shudder to think what might have happened.
running, bomb tech

Going offline...

and hopefully coming back online in the person of Votania's computer. :) Hee hee!!
running, bomb tech

Oh my this is nice!

Woohoo! I am now painlessly connected to the internet through Votania's computer. 16 colors (sorry, *not* 16 *bit* color) really sucks online, but ... it's internet.

And it's fast.

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Back online with Tigereye

Switching back and forth between computers is fun.

Votania's computer is now net-enabled, allowing her to download whatever she pleases.

Next comes the installation of the zip drive, which I think I'll do now.
running, bomb tech



...but the zip drive's not a USB device, is it?
running, bomb tech


If I connect the printer-type cable from the open thing on the back of the zip drive labeled printer, and then I try and set up a direct cable connection to Tigereye from Votania's computer, will it work?
running, bomb tech


The zip drive works. R0x0r!

O gods.

Not with the 1337 again.
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It's a little slow (fault of the computer, not the DSL) but it's working. Furthermore, I found the pokédisk (iomega zip 250) so soon I'll have that working as well.

It is to be hoped that with the DSL, we can have a happy and functioning computer system set up here, even if I can't get Tigereye and this box (I don't think it's named) to talk to each other.

As soon as I get this one thing downloaded (at 76% now) I'll shut down all online and programs and crud and install the zip drive, so that we may be of great happiness and functionality.

....There are an awful lot of cables snaked right across my floor. These are to be stepped on whenever possible, because that makes the computer stronger and more able to handle stressful situations.

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