November 8th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Install Direct Cable Connection on ENKI *before* installing the new CDRW and the Zip250; it makes it a lot easier on the hair temperature.

Who the fuck besides Votania would fail to install Direct Cable Connection for herself?
running, bomb tech

DCC installed.

Rebooting -- apparently the system did not like the way I installed it. Look, ya bastard, if you'd just been smart enough to know where your windows disk was, you wouldn't be yowling at me, and if you knew to look through the whole damned E:\ drive rather than just the fucking top layer, you would have found it.

I admit, I should be a little better about redirecting you to E:\.

...and putting 2 cd's into E:\ at once was a bit of a nasty trick.

Still, I wish Votania'd named him something other than ENKI. I can't diss Enki. No dissing the hacker god. No dissing the hacker god.

running, bomb tech


I am cool. I like myself. I like many things about myself. One of the many things I like is that I can play with computers and emerge victorious.

I like myself.
running, bomb tech other words... was successful. Now Votania can burn CD's to her heart's content, either by connecting to the web directly with ENKI, or connecting with tigereye (the better option) and downloading the music through the direct cable connection (which is less fun and happy, but better for usability of internet).

...all I really need now is a decent burning program...and I'm sure Votania can find one.
running, bomb tech


That hole in the back of ENKI looks interesting and promising. Let's see if he has an ethernet card!
running, bomb tech

That was fun.

Now I think I'll go to bed.

...In fact, I think I'll skip breakfast with Darkside tomorrow morning. I've done the English reading, I've done the Accounting reading, and there was no C++ reading.

...I do so incredibly kick ass, though, in that Adam says that actually, what I did tonight was perhaps more difficult than what he would have done in my place. That is to say, I kick ass in that I am capable of making stuff work without knowing what the hell I'm doing.... once I actually learn what it is that I'm supposed to do, this will go a fuck of a lot smoother.
running, bomb tech

oh yeah...

...I called my sister tonight, the biological one.

...River started doing things to distract her near the end of the phone conversation. We had fun talking, though.


...and Darkside would so look good with spiky upswept hair, yellow sunglasses, long red duster. ...Biosis says he's not cute, he's going bald. Like that matters to me?

Friends are good. Friends who smack around and receive a return smacking around... those are better.

River was a duct tape sword guy. He knows.