November 10th, 2001

running, bomb tech

I'm alive, I'm a mess

Came to school Friday morning an absolute mess after having to see that far into things I should not have been seeing and trying to help her deal with what she was dealing with.

Darkside patched me together enough for me to realize how bitterly exhausted I really was. Then I collapsed on Adam and Darkside in turn for a while until class started.

...It's all good now though. Votania's in her room sleeping the sleep of the justly exhausted, and so's Nephew. Cat's hungry, but he's got a great big bowl of dry food and he can just wait until Votania wakes up.

Blessed be, sister, blessed be. We made it.
running, bomb tech

the coolest fucking evening

Work was work. Work mostly bit except that I got twelve surveys (!) in eight hours and got a break card.

Talked with Adam on the walk home; tried counseling him through some friend issues. Hope I helped at least a little.

Alan was there when I got home (you can tell by his car outside) and we all hung. Skedaddled off to one store and then a great big Wally World. I got lost and finally found some black jeans for me to wear, and some bras. All black. So goth.

Eventually we went back to Alan's house. I got to meet the cats. The shy one, the great big shedding knot-furred king cat, came up to both Votania and myself and rubbed against us to get petted. We watched Double Jeopardy and Galaxy Quest (we were to see Pitch Black [i sold Votania on the idea by describing Vin's character ... ooooh *shudder*] but we got sucked into the other movie) and ate salad and lasagna.

Not much of an evening, maybe, but it's the going out, the driving around in the dark in a car, the seeing other people, the watching movies, the whole....

...well, I've been home too much, and I've been missing it.