November 14th, 2001

running, bomb tech

another morning

finally crashed after midnight. got up at usual time. got to school around 6:15.

It is to be hoped that work has approved my schedule change to have wednesdays off. I need it, oh gods do I need it.


Must go get Darkside's Yule gift from the bookstore that I ordered it from. He'll like it, I know he'll like it. I'm making him paranoid.

Backrub from Adam this morning. Feels very good to be not all stiff and stressed.

Think I'll get a new computer to run my new software on. We need one -- this setup is not working well.
running, bomb tech

Bending over for NecroSoft

Got my programmage today. Will see if there is a machine in the house that needs my programmage.

May have to buy new machine. Was leaning in that direction already.
running, bomb tech

raid on the Temple

got myself some programs from Fry's electronics. Antiviral, some macrosoft, a burning program. Some educational for the education of the whole family.

Books, as well, from Waldenbooks (15% off everything I could stuff in the nifty sack, plus the 10% off from the card, plus a buy two get one free sale on Dr. Seuss). I got two magic books for the Temple of the Rose library, (well, one magic book and the Llewellyn 2002 almanac) and a buttload of books for Nephew. Votania squealed and cheered at each new title I held up -- apparently her taste in books and mine coincide. Lots of Dr. Seuss, Strega Nona, The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, and a few more. I got one fiction for me, a treat I richly deserved and desired: Lois McMaster Bujold's most recently published The Curse of Chalion. It is a measure of my new devotion to my Craft and my tiredness and busy-ness that I have not read it yet -- I am not even a quarter into it now, and I've had it for over seven hours. I should have been finished three hours ago. What is wrong with me?

...tired, I guess. No nap today. Adam visited. Fun was had. the gift for Darkside for Yule. now the Minister of Chaos of the temple, speaking words of wisdom and healing to those who exist happily in a mix of order and disorder. ...balance. I also speak words of shaking up and smacking around as well. Grandmotherly kindness. Darkside has not yet begun the book.
running, bomb tech


Livejournal's meme tracker, which keeps an eye on what links people in Livejournal post in their entries, has appeared in its own listing of the top 40 with (at the moment) 73 links. Mostly it's online quizzes or stuff like that -- livejournal's main page comes in at 61 links. People have linked to the quiz 6944 times at the moment, and the large number is likely due to the fact that a large number of interesting results come of the test.

You can check on what the quiz of the week is at: