November 15th, 2001

running, bomb tech

artifact of perception

...who is it that sees me?

One of those mornings where Darkside and I have our semi-mystical conversations. He teaches me how to do a few little tricks I'd half-gotten on my own, but half-gotten unconsciously without knowing what I was doing.



He won, arm-wrestling.

Votania used to despair that Darkside would ever become interested in the Art again, but he's taking his own path, a path that's far gentler and slower than the path Votania showed to me that I took.
running, bomb tech

Yule gift shopping...

Ordered, and got, an appropriate Yule gift for Darkside. I told him yesterday that I would be going to the bookstore to pick up something after school. He of course inquired what... I told him I couldn't tell him, as it was for him.

You know how it is with curiousity and cats, and Darkside does occasionally get that faintly feline expression on his face. When pressed, I told him that it would be rated PG-13 or lower, but that I would still not show the item to his parents.

"It must be a movie, then," he said.

He was, of course, wrong.

...When he sees what it is, he'll understand exactly why I mentioned that it should be rated PG-13 or lower (normally it wouldn't rate a mention, but under his circumstances it does), and why I would avoid showing the gift to his family.
running, bomb tech

Turkey Day

I'm to eat the traditional meal with the rest of Votania's biological family and random married-in add-ons.

It is family wisdom that That Woman, Votania's biological sister, now smokes crack (again) and is also up to her former tricks... again.

Votania says she's going to make it clear at dinner who her real sister is.

I'll have Darkside on alert in case a brawl should break out.