November 18th, 2001

running, bomb tech

What the fuck are you doing out here at two in the fucking morning?

...well, looking for shooting stars, actually, and I thought you might want to...

If you ever wake me up like this again, I'm gonna shoot you. Goodnight.

...I think I got the time wrong. When I was talking to * on IM, he said 1:45, and I of all people ought to know to look it up and figure out the time zone. But I woke up anyway, and I saw two.

...Lovely. It's debris hitting the atmosphere and burning up, and it's beautiful... just like most beautiful pain, it's far enough away so the beauty is visible. Up close it might sting more.
running, bomb tech

Devonshire Renaissance Festival

Had fun. Bought rocks.

...Fluorite pendant, poison compartment at the top. Lovely piece. Some more. I'm tired. Oaken staff.

Got pin for Darkside. You're yummy to the dragons.

There's a little blue one in my hair still, just like a year ago, only that one was black.