November 19th, 2001

running, bomb tech

Days like yesterday have a lot of cool moments.

Cool moment: Watching Votania do a reading for her old friend who she hasn't seen in years and years.

The belly-dancer strutting her stuff to Godsmack.

Finding the table with all the nifty rocks for cheaper than anywhere else.

The look on Votania's face when I showed her that one.

Seeing my C++ teacher in Garb again.

The smell of a new oak staff anointed with orange oil and beeswax.

Finding the basket of buttons and finding the right one for Darkside.

Giggling at "Have You Runed Your Day Yet?" ... but the runes didn't say anything.

The incredibly awesome shoulder puppets, which moved their heads back and forth when you did the right thing to the control mechanism. Done right, it looked like the guy did in fact have a small gryphon on his shoulder...

Realizing that for once I was ordinary ... very ordinary ... I wore street clothes, and there was a witch on every corner... unlike school, where there are only the few bright spots of the talent, and my jeans and t-shirt with velvet shirt overtop looks odd, especially in all black ... yeeks. Read Bedlam's Bard. Only I saw no Nightflyers and there was no Eric with the flute.
running, bomb tech


the sort of morning when the a/c makes you shiver. Class should be over in five minutes for Darkside. I may wander down and make faces at him.

The skin on his throat is still so very warm and soft.

Adam's such an innocent sometimes. There are so many things he still has yet to experience... I don't want to ruin any of that for him.
running, bomb tech


Told darkside about the renfair fun of the weekend. He tried to strangle me, but before he could, I handed him the pin I'd gotten him.

He strangled me anyway. Very sweet moment.
running, bomb tech

What a concept.

Jason from work wants video rights to the Thanksgiving that Votania and I are going to have this year.

...It's going to be interesting, I'll give it that.