November 20th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Slept through most of breakfast with Darkside. He was writing up character sheets, so I didn't miss much.

Saw very little of Adam, even though I went to his lab for an hour. There was a visual basic class in there, so that was a large part of it. I helped W*, a little fellow who is in my accounting class, with his screen. Adam the EET student is going to try and learn VB along with this class in the room. My best wishes to him, and I hope he has fun. I did!

...W* wants to know what will happen if someone falls asleep in Van Zwol's class and Van Zwol catches them napping. VZ's class is the one where we laugh almost as uproariously as we did at/with Potter's class. I like VZ's teaching style, because he makes accounting accessible to computer programmers, whereas Dr. Plummer did not. Van Zwol tried his hand at programming for about an hour once, watching someone program on Visual Basic, and he tried to understand it. He wound up with a monster headache, the sort of headache I ended up with after having studied the accounting book for 45 minutes straight.

There's another reason I didn't get to see much of Adam, but that deserves another entry.
running, bomb tech

Oh yes, that reminds me...

Secretly Kissed.


I don't particularly like those little services. They seem to me like sneaky ways to get people's e-mail addresses, and how better to do it than to send out a random bogus one?

...I think it was Adam, though.
running, bomb tech

Acid Test (cross-posted to polyamory)

Well... Adam and I are seeing how well polyamory works in a firsthand sort of situation. I didn't get to see much of him today because, first, he was very busy with teachers with their classes in his lab, and when he's busy his first priority is work. Understandable. I helped with a few issues in lab too, simply because I know Visual Basic well enough to help most of the questions a beginning student will have, and I had the spare time.

The second reason: there was a girl in the lab that Adam wished to perhaps take out for lunch. I'm not so sure of his ethics in this regard -- I do not know whether he is planning to tell this other girl that he is also seeing me -- but I do know that he wanted to be visibly Not Taken for her, before letting her know that he does have someone, but the someone does not mind him dating other people.

I would have minded if he hadn't told me beforehand, or (if he hadn't gotten the chance) near-immediately afterward...'s nice, having someone who communicates, and furthermore, someone who cares enough to grab you and give you a very nice kiss in the explanation of lunch plans, even though the girl is still in the lab ...