November 21st, 2001

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*sigh* A witch's work is never done.
Right now I'm at school surfing before class starts (Stats let out early) and collecting potentially useful links dealing with the raw basics in energy manipulation. It's surprisingly difficult to find good ones. ...damn, looks like most of the links are failing to work. And it looked so promising, too. Ah... the links page is excellent.

Ah well. If all else fails, I go to Neighbor and grab the relevant Mercedes Lackey books and point out how to do things in terms of them. In fact, that might even be better, seeing as this character is Christian, and may respond a little better to source material from an obvious fictional viewpoint.

Hmm. For clergy, this looks interesting. I will have to check it out later.

This is hysterical. Not recommended for the person who doesn't know the first thing about the Craft.

Hmm. Material...but does it apply?

Not witchy, but funny as hell...
running, bomb tech

Linkness, elves.

I just have to put this here, just so I can get to it from home... school computers are good for many things, including printing, but not... not for ....

Thank the Sith Academy people.
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More witchy links...


You know, a lot of the stuff out there is just ripped off from Cunningham, word for word. I'm looking for some original material about how to work with energy, and blast it all, I can't find anything decent!
running, bomb tech

The best-laid plans...

...sometimes do go awry, resulting in not-laid Azz.

Adam's mom has night blindness, meaning she can't drive in the dark. Adam's brother Pestilence is wandering around, location currently unknown or unavailable. Therefore, instead of having Pestilence come with Adam's mother to retrieve Adam from school after the rush hour is over, at a nice sane hour of the night like ten, Adam's mother must get her eldest son at seven or so.

Adam's excuse for staying late today is the lab he's working on. He expressed a dilemma to me when I called. Getting those parts of the lab done that he needs to do at school is the priority: schoolwork is the priority.

Therefore, I'm not getting any with him tonight. Oh well.