November 25th, 2001

running, bomb tech

general heartache

is it over?

...One of the surefire signs of a dying relationship is when you can't find time for each other anymore.

...Adam and I can't find time. I have the time. I have plenty of time. I make the time for him.

Tomorrow I have a choice -- I could go to the mall with Votania and Nephew for a family outing, or I could wait at home and hope things work out with Adam. Of course, getting him here on the weekends never works out reliably. I'd just end up waiting at home, and nothing would happen, and then I'd be twice as miserable.
running, bomb tech

defragmentation grenade

going to be helping Adam with a few things if he allows me to. One problem: time.

If he can find the time to let me help him, great.

If not, he's on his own. I cannot teach the unwilling pupil.