November 28th, 2001

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It really helps when the teacher can use the English language with the precision it is capable of. When the teacher is asking a question that, when logically analyzed, is a different question than the teacher thought he was asking, there is a problem.

All he had to say was "Order matters" and it would have been perfect.

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running, bomb tech

So what the hell happened?

Today I wound up crying. I don't do this as often as I used to. Last time I cried was in great frustration when Adam kept saying he'd come over, but never did show. I was truly peeved then, and ready to spit nails, or some such thing, and I wanted to really hurt him, but didn't actually want to ... I settled on crying.

Today I cried because the teacher, a native speaker of English, can't write word problems that mean what he thinks they do.
running, bomb tech

Acid Test

Had our first Stats test yesterday. After taking the test, I told Darkside how easy it had been. Today we got the results. I got a 60 on it.