November 29th, 2001

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I have done it!

I created running code (very simple assignment, but still) in less than half an hour!

Most of the half hour was taken up by the D:\ drive (zip) on the computer I tried to use having errors, and then the help index being prepared for first use on this computer. (Having your school install all-new, all-Microsoft products on all school machines is a bitch.) I just know when I try to close the program, it will result in a memory referencing error being caused, and it will try to debug in C++ unless I stop it from doing so. (Or is that only with Microsith Word? There are so many evil errors that I can't be sure.)

I have created running code. I rock. Sort of.
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Poor Darkside.

Poor Darkside is hammering away on what looks to be an evil combination of Cobol and SQL, neither of which he likes very much. It's for his DB2 class. His teacher seems to be a particularly evilly sarcastic fellow, and is jovially pointing out all the mistakes.

Perhaps it would come off better if he didn't look so much like Santa Claus.

Poor Darkside.
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I may go wander off someplace else. Darkside is not throwing around happy-joyful energies right now.

...he still looks hot, though. Trenchcoat and black jeans and black shirt. Yum.
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You know, I can't ever breathe right.

In Alaska, I would always have a low-grade cold running in the background -- I'd feel mostly fine, but my nose was never 100% breathable.

Perhaps it's allergies?

Here it's worse. I never feel entirely well. That may be because of my sleeping schedule, but it might be something less happy.
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I got about eight hours last night. I went to bed before eleven, and I got up slightly before seven.

How 'bout that!

...missed breakfast with Darkside, though.

I'll have to fix that.
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A Really Good Question (Breakfast with Darkside)

If you aren't here, you might have missed this one entirely.

DeVry doesn't have that whole traditional college setup with the dorms and the buildings and the cafeteria and all, with students living on campus and such. It's merely a day school. If you're living there, you're living in an apartment off-campus (though often conveniently close), an apartment complex that may have some good deals going with the school and nice setups for students, but not a part of the school.

There is one school building, packed with all sorts of nifty things including classrooms, labs, library, offices, and cafeteria. Some of the school's offices are in the US West (now called Qwest, but they haven't updated the building sign yet) building across the street. Think a high school building intended for college students and post-grads and you've got it right there.

lasayla was wondering about what Sithly hours the cafeteria keeps, where I'd be missing breakfast if I got up before 7. Fortunately for me, I don't eat cafeteria food as a rule.

The cafeteria is just the staging grounds for the wacky traditional breakfast meeting of myself and my friend Darkside. The cafeteria room itself is open from when the school opens at 5 or so (classes don't start until seven, and labs aren't open until 7, but the building starts opening up before 6) until the school building shuts down around 10:30 at night, but food is only served there from 6:30 or so in the morning to 7:00 in the evening.

Darkside and I have the tradition of eating breakfast together in the cafeteria in the mornings before the computer lab opens. He usually shows up at school at or before 6 (a pleasant alternative to fighting 40 miles worth of morning rush hour traffic) and I wander in at ... well, it's been 6:15 these days, if I make it. Actual eating of breakfast may or may not be included in the event; sometimes I miss breakfast without noticing it too much, and neither of us enjoys the slop the cafeteria calls food. The doughnuts are decent, though, albeit stuck together and gone before noon.

Computer labs open at 7, and since Darkside and I are both Computer Information Systems majors, computers are the main event of school. The instant Neighbor unlocks the doors of the lab, we're in there at our traditional computers, working on code, looking up the comics we follow, surfing LotR and DBZ message boards, and the other things that CIS students do in the morning before class.

"Breakfast with Darkside" isn't the same thing as breakfast; I typically bring something with me from home and chow down in the cafeteria. Saves time in the mornings -- get out of bed, get showered and dressed, grab books, grab something to eat, leave, walk to school, socialize and eat breakfast. If I ate at home, I'd lose a good half hour of quality time with Darkside, and we can't have that.

If I know I'm going to arrive at school after the labs open, however, I tend to grab something to munch before I leave or on my way to school, since there's no point in sitting around the increasingly crowded cafeteria eating breakfast when I could be hanging out with Darkside in lab.
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I guess I'm used to the house more or less keeping itself.

That is to say, I deal with the things I deal with, and Votania deals with the things she deals with, and between us we keep the household ticking over.

When either one of us doesn't do things, though, a shambles starts to develop.

Votania's had a migraine for three days now, going on four, and she hasn't quite been her normal self. It's normal that when she's feeling lousy, some stuff gets left undone, but ... ...still.

She doesn't leave dinner from last night out on the stove by noon the next day very often.

I'm worried.

Anybody got any advice on what to do for migraines?
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Helped Alan last night with a 150 word essay for his English class.

Alan's got a few small problems with this class -- he can't type, and he never learned how to write properly in high school.

'Ni is attempting to yank him up to college-level writing skills in a few short evening sessions. This may or may not happen, depending.

It's going to be interesting. He's a far better student than slackerprep, and will listen, and works to avoid repeating mistakes. He's improved 200% since the last time I sat down to write with him.
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Package from Home

My parents sent me some of my dresses from Alaska, and also some burned CDs, a few books for Nephew, and some of my old jeans that might hopefully fit Votania. Also included was a jar of cranberry-orange sauce (a bit late for Thanksgiving) that leaked in the shipping. Fortunately it was sealed inside a plastic baggie, so nothing else was cranberried.

I've got the old Celtic CD I loved so much at home on the CD player now, and I'm relaxing to it before I have to leave for work in a few minutes.

Track 3 on this CD was on repeat for a while, "Centennial Waltz", the song I hum whenever I'm upset or nervous and trying to calm down. It's my "home" song.

Set the dishes in the washer and started it, so now the sink's free to accumulate whatever else needs to go in there. Votania did make bread yesterday, and it's delicious. The floury, doughy bowl was out, though, so that at least did finally get washed.


I'm home, again.
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I should have taken a screenshot.


So Livejournal's being a tad touchy again, right?

So I attempt to see what I last put up in my own journal, as my friends page is failing to load (and I don't want to fuck the computers over more by hitting refresh more than twice during any given half-hour period) and lo and behold it comes up, and it comes up Kirk-shirt yellow (Security and Engineering yellow, for you next gen fans) and minus my name. I was generally amused/bemused.

Refreshing my own journal got me back my usual happy blue, though, and my name and slightly loony picture were there as well.
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Well, I talk about, talk about, talk about moooooovin'....

...or, rather, Adam has.

Thanks to his grades last semester, his parents have decided that he's not qualified to run his life anymore, and have taken over control. Never mind that there were circumstances beyond his control that contributed to the grades in a very material way....

He's going to see exactly how far they're going to take this. He's accepted it provisionally for the moment, but, he says, if they cancel his birthday plans, the LAN party that he's been inviting all his friends to, then he will be relocating.

An apartment close to school would be an ideal sort of place.

...If he does move, that is.
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Yay for Darkside!

He got his program finished. I wandered in for the very end of it and made a few contributions to the general air of weirdness floating around.

Shrimpy was in there at the same time, and started to bother Darkside. Fortunately for Shrimpy, Darkside was in a good mood.

You can tell how good a mood I'm in by what I call Shrimpy. If I'm in a good mood, I call him "Jimmy", this being an acceptable form of his name -- I don't call him by his first name, because that's too easily confusable with Darkside. James is Shrimpy's middle name, and his father is James, and my father is Jim -- Jimmy is OK to call Shrimpy.

When I'm irritated, I don't talk to Shrimpy unless I have a very good reason.

When I'm vastly irritated, I call Shrimpy "Shrimpy".

If I call Shrimpy by his full name, he'd better run.

Today I called Shrimpy "Jimmy" the first time he barged in, and "Shrimpy" thereafter.

He got the idea.