November 30th, 2001

running, bomb tech


I think I just scared Adam, talking too much about the holidays.

There is truly very little difference between Christmas and Yule, both, from what I am to understand, the meaning of the season, and the celebration of the season. In fact, in days past, the words Christmas and Yule were used interchangeably.

...poor kid.
running, bomb tech

Messing Up to Spec

We're working slowly so that all the little fayoumi can catch up to where the brains of the class are already.

Mine's messing up to spec.

I'm sure I'm learning a lot.

this is C++.
running, bomb tech

The Female Conspiracy

Met another Wiccan at school today. Adam was hitting on her. She and Dawn and I all giggled while Adam sat next to us and watched in bemusement.

The vast majority of what was said falls under the Code of Female Silence, or whatever it's called. Therefore, no one will be explaining any of it to Adam, even the parts that didn't concern him.