December 2nd, 2001

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One of those things I need to do...

It's Karaoke Week at the Fanboy Otaku Gamer's Club, and Scott is singing his general love to Annamae.

Somehow, there's a song that's gotten caught up in my emotions and will forever be symbolic of a perfect and untouchable love.

Since I looked up the translation of what Scott was singing, today I got curious and searched for the translation of "White Reflection" ....

It almost fits. It's spooky how out of all the songs I could have downloaded, that's the one I picked.

I feel bonk reflection....
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running, bomb tech

...Involve me, and I will understand.

Mommy is paranoid about candy from strangers. Understandably so -- this is Phoenix, and in these days of paranoia and potential terrorism, it's only sane to take a few precautions, especially when dealing with one's one and only treasured boy.

There was a motorcycle parade today, and they were tossing candy from the motorcycles for the kids, and strings of beads. Nephew got a string of beads, and all the moms split up the candy to share among the kids.

We got a great big pile. Nephew found one piece that he really really wanted, and I checked it to make sure it was wrapped properly, and then (since it was) let him have it.

Then I had him help me sort the candy into two categories: Safe, which we put in a Tupperware box, and Unsafe, which we threw directly in the trash. I explained briefly that bad stuff could get in candy that wasn't wrapped in the right way, and so whenever we got some of that from strangers, we had to throw it out, since we didn't know where it had been.

There was a huge pile left when we were done, so he was satisfied. He's got more of a clue about candy safety now.
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Had an early Christmas celebration with Votania's family. Her world-traveling aunt (the one I did the Sesame Street Tarot reading about) was in town and wanted to give the grandkids their presents while she was there to see them open everything.

Nephew gave his beads that Santa on the motorcycle tossed to him to his cousin, the middle one, our favorite. He's spending the night with That Woman and his cousins. This is cool, because That Woman knows that if she tries anything weird, both Votania and I will beat the hell out of her. So he's safe there for short amounts of time unsupervised.

This time was a lot better, because I got to escape outside with the kids and bubble stuff for a large amount of time.

The main dish was pork. Neither Votania and I touched it, nor the gravy. I made inquires about the gravy, learned what was in it, and didn't touch it. Dinner was otherwise good.

Grandma and Great-Grandma fight. This time it wasn't so bad.
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