December 9th, 2001

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Adam is expected to visit tonight. He and some friends went to catch a movie.

He is allowed to spend the night. (I don't think his parents think he will be with me.)

The tree is lit, and so are the candles in my room. When Votania entertained Dave once, she had many candles lit. I have many candles lit for Adam. Her candles were deep red and passionate. Mine are light blue and sweet.

The cat, decorative lout, lies soft, clean, and sleepy beneath the Yuletide tree.
running, bomb tech

Ohhhh yeah.

Adam visited, somewhat later than planned, but all in good time. He was mostly sober; Alan's cunning plan was not carried out due to Alan being tied up with family. (Putting up the Christmas tree is a Family Event, and Alan was called upon to act like Family.)

He spent much of the day here, left for a while to attempt to have lunch with a friend (old flame), but since she was unavailable, came back here for a while before going home.
running, bomb tech


So, some new dirt on the Capulet family [Votania's relatives].

Jewel, the eldest of Votania's nieces, is holding firm to the statement that her dad told her that Nephew's dad would be visiting for Christmas.

Nephew's biological father has been "Whereabouts Unknown" for the past six years, approximately since he learned that despite precautions, Votania was pregnant, then suggested an abortion, and was told to go lose himself thoroughly before she forcibly lost him.

Nephew has been saying things about his dad for a while. We've been sure that it's just family-related Disney television programming making him look for his dad, since everybody's got a dad... but now we're wondering if That Woman hasn't been letting that drug-addled murderous waste of time who inadvertently donated sperm to Votania see Nephew on the sly all along.

Whose word do you trust, a seven year old's or an adult who has a vested interest in lying?

We're getting to the bottom of this.
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So, basically....

I shall be having a council of war with Darkside tomorrow morning, early.

Of all the people I know, Darkside is the person whose wisdom I trust the most on certain thorny ethical issues.
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Print "Isis, The Greatest Goddess"
Council of War with Darkside over Nephew's biodad
Tell Darkside that Rana (old friend of Votania's, the one who does the pottery) won't be able to GM; it'll either have to be me with Paranoia or Darkside
Give Darkside the card for the gaming shop that the guy gave me in the middle of Waldenbooks
Share with Darkside the story of Adam's not-so-drunken weekend
Make evil plans with Alan and Neighbor
Do C++ test
Dig up essay from other English class and retype/reprint/re-submit.
running, bomb tech

Much Ado

Check with Student Services about bus pass.
Q tips
Use 15 minute break pass at work
Attempt to retrieve the Illuminatus! trilogy from Darkside
e-mail relatives
e-mail the chick interested in Adam
Write up the unfortunate rivalry