December 10th, 2001

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Lord of the Rings

Darkside has the tickets.

We'll both go on Wednesday afternoon. Showtime is 2:30.

This will be fun: an afternoon with my best friend, and Lord of the Rings!
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running, bomb tech


Darkside didn't get enough of it last night.

The sci-fi channel was showing a special on the making of Lord of the Rings. Darkside taped it, and shared the tape with me. Votania and I watched it and were immediately enthralled.

I have been giggly all day. I'm wearing a skirt, for once --- one of the floaty crinkle skirts, with red and white patterns down near the hem. The rest is black.

The English teacher noticed, and commented that I was breaking my dress code.

I skip and leap around today in the skirt, more hyper and happy than all fuck.

I'm getting to see Lord of the Rings with Darkside on opening day.
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    DBZ on the same tape as the LotR special
running, bomb tech


Aced C++ test. I'll get the results back in a few days, but I know I have a C+, +.

Shared Alan's weekend story with Darkside; had Darkside attempt to dig information out of me. I cooperated.

Must find English paper to recycle. Same teacher, same assignment, but hopefully same grade or better.

Plans, evil, not yet made for Adam. Will soon do.

"Isis, The Greatest Goddess" not yet printed.

Council of war went well. Darkside, you're excellent and I love you.

Need to give Darkside the card for the game shop.

Need to go shopping for milk, eggs, and Qtips.

Need to write up a number of things, including the unfortunate rivalry, a few cat tidbits (cat, tree, tinsel, mess, ornaments scattered willy-nilly)

Oh. Yeah.
I love Darkside. (This sentence usually comes up directly after something along the lines of "Darkside taped the sci-fi channel special on the making of Lord of the Rings." In context, it's a lot less scary to him, were he to overhear.)
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Back Once More

It looks like Peace and his ex are reconciling with each other. After four months of not speaking to one another, the lines of communication are again open. They're talking, e-mailing, and have made plans to get together for lunch some time.

It's nice to see it when something's going right in the life of a good friend. why does my stomach sink? Jealousy is the root of all evil.